4 Common Myths about Laser Hair Removal


These days, laser hair removal is becoming a popular choice for more and more people. Essentially, laser hair removal involves beams of highly concentrated light being shone onto hair follicles. The pigment inthe hair follicles absorbs the light, resulting in the destruction of the hair. The laser hair removal procedure is beneficial as it’s capable of removing unwanted hair from the face, legs, arms, underarms and bikini area, and you no longer have to worry about painful plucking or waxing. With so many people choosing this method to remove unwanted hair, it’s time to debunk four common myths regarding laser hair removal in Bundoora.

Myth − Laser Hair Removal is Painful

The general myth surrounding laser hair removal is that it’s painful. This is untrue,and in actual fact, laser hair removal is usually considered to be painless compared to other methods of hair removal. Of course, everyone has a different pain tolerance, so what hurts for one person may not hurt for someone else. Many patients describe the sensation as a slight tingling or stinging feeling. While some people fear the pain of laser hair removal in Bundoora, most people who have experienced other methods of hair removal such as waxing and epilation consider it to be a lot less painful.

Myth − Laser Hair Removal Won’t Work on All Hair Colour

A common myth is that laser hair removal won’t work on certain colours of hair. However, as long as the right laser is used, laser hair removal can work on any colour hair. With recent advances in the science of laser hair removal, equipment has been developed that means both light and dark hair can be targeted and removed. It’s advisable that you check with the person who will be performing your laser hair removal to ensurethey’re using up-to-date equipment that’s capable of targeting all hair colours. Otherwise, your laser clinic in Bundoora may not be able to achieve the best outcome for you.

Myth − Laser Hair Removal is Expensive

Many people think that laser hair removal is expensive. While laser hair removal does cost more per session than other hair removal methods, it results in long-lasting hair removal, which will save you money in the long-term. For example, waxing your legs might cost you $40 per visit, but if you wish to remain hair free, the waxing will need to be repeated every 6 weeks. On the other hand, laser hair removal in Bundoora can remove hair completely within 4 to 5 visits, making it the cheapest way to achieve hair removal in the long run.

Myth − Laser Hair Removal isn’t Safe

Some people believe that laser hair removal isn’t safe, but this isn’t true, as the lasers only target the hair follicles and leave the skin and surrounding tissues unharmed. Laser clinics have been safely removing hair for many years, and studies have shown that there are no long-term effects of the laser hair removal procedure.