Brightening Your Smile to Hollywood Standards


We’ve all seen those famous Hollywood stars either on chat shows or collecting their latest awards with their designer dresses, famous other halves and letting the paparazzi have a field day, making some of us may feel a little jealous. Jealous of what? I hear you say, don’t really like the clothes and wouldn’t like this many people making a fuss of me. But what about the teeth? Yes, the teeth. Those dazzling, healthy, perfectly aligned bright white teeth that seem to light up the whole face are available to mere mortals, you do not have to be a Hollywood star in order to attain a Hollywood smile. If you are based in Thailand, a highly experienced Bangkok cosmetic dentist can you give you that smile you’ve always dreamed of. In order to replicate that Hollywood smile your cosmetic dentist will recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Dental Veneers – Custom Made Ultra-Thin Shells Attached to the front of your Teeth
  • Orthodontic Braces – Custom Made Braces to Straighten and Realign Crooked Teeth
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening – In-Clinic Bleaching Carried Out by a Dental Specialist
  • Home Bleaching – Bleaching Tray for Home Use

Such is the technology today; your perfect smile can be formulated using digitally assisted smile design. This innovative technology allows your smile to be designed in conjunction with both your physical characteristics and emotional aspects, presenting you with a tailor-made smile that complements your face.

Finding Your Cosmetic Dentist

Although you probably won’t have access to your very own personal cosmetic dentist like your favourite Hollywood star, it is possible to find one that can carry out the same procedures safely and effectively for a fraction of the price. Thailand in general is famous for providing cosmetic dentistry at a fraction of the price of the USA or Europe and there are plenty of specialists in Bangkok and other big cities. Although there are plenty of companies out there claiming to be experts in cosmetic dentistry, care must be taken to ensure your chosen dentist is qualified and accredited.

 Tooth whitening has become fashionable in recent years and there are operators who dispense teeth whitening solutions but are not qualified dentists. Many people may experience no problems at all using unqualified providers but with something as important as your teeth is it worth the risk? It is highly recommended that you use a cosmetic dentist who is fully qualified in the cosmetic dentistry field.

If you can’t find a cosmetic dentist in your locality by looking around, an internet search might be a good place to start. Typing ‘cosmetic dentist + location’ into a search engine should produce a series of results. You can then check their website, look for positive customer reviews and make an informed decision as to whether you use them or not. If you call them and they are experts in their field they will happily answer any questions you may have prior to an initial consultation. It might also be wise to check out the clinic first by paying a personal visit and if you like what you see book an appointment on the spot.