Four Signs Invisalign Could be Right for You


An Invisalign treatment involves placing a chain of invisible, plastic aligner plates over the natural teeth. The aligner plates will gradually push the teeth into the correct position. The set of aligners are worn for roughly two weeks before the patient moves to the new set. With Invisalign treatment, patients can gain a beautiful smile without worrying about the visibility of metal braces. If you are not choosing braces or Invisalign and not sure if Invisalign is right for you, below are some sign you may be a candidate for this treatment:

You Don’t Want Metal Braces

If you want to a better smile but not happy with how metal braces look, Invisalign aligners could be just what you are looking for. If you are like most people, you may dread the metal brackets, rubber bands, and wires of conventional braces. Although braces can effectively straighten your smile, many people find them unattractive.

You will not want to wear metal braces if your job involves talking to and interacting with other people or delivering presentations or speeches regularly. Usually, braces for adults are considered embarrassing and can negatively affect your personal and professional life. But, Invisalign is transparent so nobody would even know you have them on.

You Do Not Want to Change to your Eating Habits

With traditional braces, it might be necessary to temporarily give up your passion for certain foods. You don’t want to mess the brackets and wires with food particles or deform the braces altogether with hard-to-chew food. But, Invisalign can be removed to eat your favorite food. There is absolutely no food restriction during treatment.


You Want Oral Hygiene to be Easier

Traditional braces make brushing and flossing your teeth difficult. Since they cannot be removed until the treatment is over, you might not be able to thoroughly clean your teeth. In fact, it can take time for you to properly carry out your oral and dental routines when you have metal braces on. However, with Invisalign, you can brush and floss your teeth normally. Usually, you can continue to go through teeth whitening treatments while Invisalign gradually straightens your teeth.

You are Good at Sticking to a Schedule

With metal braces, you do not stick to a schedule since they should be worn until you complete the treatment period. But, Invisalign treatment makes you responsible for remembering to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. Otherwise, your treatment will fail or take longer than expected.