Hearing Loss In One Ear And Ringing Ears: What Kind Of Hearing Loss Is It?


Ear is one of the five sensory organs that is gifted to us for experiencing all that is around us. A hearing loss cuts down a person from the routine sounds and voices that are important to make complete response. And it can come at any age in life.

The common symptoms of hearing loss is inability to conduce sound waves into effective response, inability to hear soft tones, hearing loss in one ear and ringing, allergy and infection etc. To get a solicited treatment for hearing loss, there needs to be evaluation of the kind of hearing problem that you are facing. Here are some forms of hearing loss that occurs.

Conductive hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss is one where the sound waves lose their impact somewhere through the passage of the outer ear. This could be because of damaged eardrum, blockage because of ear wax, fluid in the ear, infection, allergy, tearing of the eardrum, trauma, tumor etc. This form of hearing loss can be treated depending on the case. As it’s a physical occurrence of hearing loss most of the times an audiologist can make the treatments through surgical procedures and therapies.Sensor neural hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is the loss that occurs with the problems in the inner ear. These are mostly physiological and psychological problems that either occur because of a mental trauma, an insider injury, ageing, genetics, high noise, broken ear drums, etc. The effects of the loss determine if the hearing loss is permanent or curable. Doctors mostly take the advanced evaluation techniques and therapies to use to treat the loss. In worst of cases the hearing equipments and aids are provided to improve on the sound quality and ability to listen.

Mixed hearing loss

A hearing loss occurring because of a situation where the mental or physical trauma is followed with a psychological impact on one’s hearing ability – it’s a mixed hearing loss. In these cases mosly the effects are reversed with a surgery and then therapies to improve on the hearing abilities. Hearing aids are provided to ensure that the person is able to get back on track within suitable time. An audiologist devises a set of tests to find out the reasons and the damage which determines the actual treatment.Symptoms like ringing ear and hearing loss are common to people with sensor neural hearing loss. It’s ideal to visit an audiologist to determine the causes behind it to find begin with a treatment.