How Does a Faith Based Rehab Center Work?


While every center is based differently, most of the faith based recovery facilities integrate the teachings of their faith with conventional non spiritual recovery techniques. This integrated approach is valid for those who are wanting to get sober and embrace the teachings of the faith. So, find a Christian recovery center by considering a few factors. Their treatment entails:

  1. Enlightenment on spiritual principles
  2. Establishment of a relationship with the divine
  3. Participation in a religious study, meditation or prayer
  4. Drug addiction enlightenment
  5. Drug counseling
  6. Assistance with detoxing via the withdrawal process
  7. Group therapy and religious studies
  8. Relapse prevention training

Most of the faith based rehab programs are meant for those practicing a certain faith. For instance, a person embracing the Christian faith probably embraces a bible based recovery program. The gist is to assist people to strengthen their relationship with Christ as they are looking for recovery. Non-Christians applying for this program will perceive it as staff trying to convert them. This could render them uncomfortable, hence disrupting their recovery. When you are striving with addiction and seeking a faith based treatment program, always seek the one that is in alignment with your religious beliefs. They will always provide you a secular based treatment and spiritual support at the same time.

Factors to consider

You need to consider a few factors when choosing a Christian or a faith based rehab center.

  1. If the program is religious and the treatment philosophy is in alignment with your own religion
  2. The cost of the program and check if your insurance covers it as well
  3. The amenities bestowed upon you in the program and how much it matters to you like gym, food service, beach, pool, yoga etc.
  4. The qualification and experience of the personnel
  5. If the programs they offer are accredited by authorities
  6. Reviews of other people’s experiences in the program

So, before you seek a program, you need to ask yourself a few questions like do you wish to travel for the treatment? Do you need to detox? Are you inpatient or outpatient types? You need to consult an intake specialist at the program, an addiction counselor or someone who has been through the rehab programs to answer these questions. And if you wish to read similar articles on faith based rehabilitation, mental health recovery etc. visit our website.