Select the Best Glasses That Suits the Shape of Your Face


Did you ever think that some eyeglasses look very attractive when on display in optical store, but when you try then it may not look so great?

Quite possible that the frames are wrong style particularly for your shape of face. Your face shape can play a significant role to decide whether certain glass style will look good for you.

What is your face shape?

To determine the shape of your face and which style of eyeglass will look best on you, just pull back the hair from your face and see directly into mirror. Take close look at the overall shape as well as contours of the face and head.

Instead of visiting any eye doctor near me it is better to visit an optician.

Following are 7 primary face shapes along with suitable eyeglass frames which will look best on different shapes:

  1. Oval face shape

Usually, oval face shape will be in balanced proportions. Look for such eyeglass frames which are almost as wide as broadest part of your face. Prefer walnut-shaped frames which are not too narrow or deep.

  1. Heart-shaped face

For reducing the width of your face, choose frame shape which is wider at the bottom. Thin, light-colored frames or rimless frames which have light, airy appearance can also be good choices.

  1. Oblong face shape

Try such frames which have more depth as compared to width so that oblong face may appear shorter and also more balanced. Also, frames with contrasting or decorative temples add width to your face.

  1. Square face shape

In order to make your square face appear a bit longer and also soften its angles, prefer narrow frame styles, or frames which have more width as compared to depth, and also narrow ovals.

  1. Diamond face shape

For highlighting your eyes and also soften the cheekbones, prefer frames which have detailing or unique brow lines. Also prefer rimless eyeglasses or frames with oval or cat-eye also can be good choices.

  1. Round face shape

For making a round face look thinner and longer, prefer angular type narrow eyeglass frames for lengthening the face. Also, frames with rectangular frames and clear bridge that are wider can also be good choices.

  1. Base-down triangle

In order to add width and also emphasize narrow upper third of your face, try frames which are heavily accented by color and with detailing on its top half of the frame. Frames that has cat-eye shapes can be also good choices.