4 Most common Crack Addiction Symptoms

Cocaine (or crack) is a highly dangerous and addictive drug. Many people develop the addiction after the single use of this harmful drug. Using cocaine results in the development of a quick-acting euphoria all over the user’s body. The duration of this effect, however, is short, compelling the user to smoke crack more frequently so they can maintain their high.

Crack cocaine is the refined and processed version of cocaine that has been turned into a rock crystal form so it can be smoked. People may have to repeatedly take cocaine in shorter durations in order to sustain their high.

Due to the continuous usage of the drug, many people develop an addiction to it. This addiction can be detrimental for the user and lead to a variety of problems, which may affect his social and professional life.

There are many signs of crack addiction, however, it varies from one person to another. We have compiled a list of four most common symptom that people generally may experience if they have a crack addiction. Let’s check them out!

Red Eyes and Dilated Pupils

One of the most common and easily noticeable signs of crack addiction include dilated pupils and red eyes. The pupils are dilated due to a nervous system stimulant which is present in the crack. Therefore, when the person uses the drug, their people dilate and increase in size. It may also result in bloodshot eyes and cause extreme irritation, in some cases.


Another uncontrollable side effect of crack abuse is depression. Using crack results in increased dopamine levels in the user’s brain. Dopamine is a chemical which elevates the mood of a person and causes the high which people get by using crack. However, once the effect of drug wears off, the level of dopamine levels will be washed-out. This may, consequently, result in severe depression and fatigue.

Mood Swings

Smoking crack can make a person feeling happier and more confident, which can be quite overwhelming. However, these good feelings come with consequences. The high that results from crack are short-lived, and after the effect is worn out, a user may experience sadness, fatigue, and irritation. The effects are often noticeable to the people around them.


Using crack makes the person increasingly active, and they may experience difficulty in staying still. Moreover, they may talk quickly and compelled to talk more than usual. This can be difficult for the addict to hide and may create awkwardness, especially when there are many people around the addict.

The final words

Crack may be known as a street drug, however, it is not cheap. That is the reason many people who use crack become dealers (so they can cover the costs of their crack cocaine addiction). Since they need to purchase a considerable amount of drugs on a regular basis, they may experience a decent amount of financial loss.

It is imperative that you consult a doctor to identify whether you have an addiction to crack. If you are diagnosed with crack addiction, you may look for treatment options that are available in your area in order to live an addiction-free and peaceful life.

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