5 Reasons to Consider Vasectomy for Birth Control

Vasectomy is a surgical operation for male sterilization or permanent male contraception. It is done by cutting the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicles. Vasectomy Brooklyn, New York, can be performed in two different methods, conventional and no-scalpel.

This procedure for birth control in men comes with great benefits. One of the key benefits is its rapid recovery. The recovery time is quite fast, which makes it possible to swim within a week of the surgery. In comparison with female birth control methods like tubal ligation, vasectomy is the fastest. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider vasectomy for birth control.

  • Highly effective

Vasectomy is a highly effective method for birth control. In fact, it is the most effective and reversible birth control method available today. It works best when compared to female birth control methods. The vasectomy procedure also prevents pregnancies better than other reversible methods, such as condoms and oral contraceptive pills. And that makes vasectomy one of the most reliable methods for birth control.

  • Low-risk

Vasectomy is a low-risk procedure, which makes it a great birth control option for men. In fact, it is one of the safest birth control methods for men. According to studies, vasectomy has a failure rate of only 0.05%, which makes it very effective and reliable.

  • No side effects

Vasectomy does not bring you any side effects as some other birth control methods like traditional female options or hormonal contraceptives do. This means that you will not experience any common side effects associated with other birth control methods.

  • Vasectomy is reversible

Yes, vasectomy is reversible. That makes it possible for you to become a father again after the procedure. If you decide the procedure for birth control is not for you, then you can easily reverse it by simply having a vasectomy reversal surgery.

  • Quick recovery

Vasectomy recovery is fast. The recovery time is not that long, so you can resume your sexual activity after a week of the procedure. With this benefit, vasectomy for birth control is one of the most commonly chosen reversible birth control methods today.

  • Reduce the burden on your partner

The burden on your partner will be greatly reduced when you choose vasectomy for birth control. That is because you can have unprotected sex without worrying about getting pregnant. 

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