A Less Stressful Dental Experience

The dentist can be incredibly stressful for some people. The sounds, smells, and procedures are simply overwhelming in many cases. Dental work must be completed for health issues in many people. You cannot leave a cavity untreated, as the decay can reach the root of the tooth, killing it. Even a routine cleaning can be a challenge for a person with special needs. Sedation during dental care is a viable method to help those with severe anxiety and other health issues.


Anxiety is more than just fear. It can be incredibly debilitating when it comes to dealing with things that are considered a trigger. This may be things such as loud noises or large groups of people. Medical procedures, in general, can be a source of anxiety. When you add things such as needles and drills, the experience can be unbearable. An anxious person may completely ignore their dental health instead of confronting the situation. Sleep dentistry services can be a great help for those with this condition.

Special Needs

There are also people with special needs that may need the help of sedation during dental events. Some physical ailments prevent people from remaining still for their dental checkups and cavity fillings. Involuntary movements may be caused by neurological disorders. This can cause a dangerous situation with sharp dental tools. Sedation can keep the patient safe and avoid stressing the patient. Severe mental delays may also make some individuals a good candidate.

Some adults may have the mental capacity of a young child. This can make them react more intensely to pain or fear. An adult-sized person with the fear of a child can be hard to handle, physically. Sleep dentistry is a great way to help ease the discomfort these patients may be feeling.


There are different levels of sedation available. You may be able to use a mild gas to relax the person. Once the mask is removed, the patient is back to normal in a short period of time. This is called nitrous oxide sedation. An IV can be placed in the patient to administer a stronger sedative, as well. In severe cases, a person may need to be put completely under with general anaesthesia. This can be incredibly helpful for long or complicated procedures. The dentist or oral surgeon may meet with the patient before the day of the treatment to assess what type of sedation needs to be used.

Patients do not have to avoid dental care due to fear. Sleep dentistry is a great option for those that cannot tolerate dental procedures due to anxiety or other handicaps. Patients should not have to suffer to get healthy. Take the time to discuss these options with your dentist if you or a family member needs special treatment. Your dentist can be a great source of comfort when they present the various options to you. A successful cavity filling or wisdom tooth removal can done. Even a simple cleaning may be a challenge for some people. There are plenty of options to help with this.

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