The average American male isn’t usually known for his style. When it comes to classic tailoring or high fashion, Europe usually leads the way. However, the one thing the Yanks do extremely well at is street style. Many of the aspects that influence the global phenomenon that is street style originated and was created over there, with Hip Hop and Skate culture being the most obvious. So, when it comes to footwear (in particular trainers), they really know their stuff.

One thing that we promote as style consultants is cleanliness. This can be a touchy subject, as certain men’s style and swagger lie in the fact that they like to keep things looking scruffy, messy or ‘natural’ so to speak. But the main rule of thumb is that if you’re trying to avoid pulling off the scruffy/indie look, your clothes, especially your shoes, should always be kept clean. This is of even greater importance when concerning white trainers. And over these shores, it’s something we are notoriously bad at.

Many people say it’s hard work or too expensive to keep buying trainers to maintain that fresh look. Bollocks. I was staying in both Brooklyn and Queens, two areas not particularly known for being the most well off but I saw so many men wearing their trainers with pride and they were absolutely fresh to death.

I soon began to notice that there wasn’t one single person whose shoes were actually scruffy. It truly was a breath of fresh air. From now on, we don’t want to see ANYONE wasting their time rocking filthy kicks. It’s all about details and nothing kills a great outfit like a dirty pair of tramp-like shoes. You might be wearing your best jacket and fanciest Tom Ford sunglasses, but if you have scruffy shoes it kills it dead.

I was so impressed by their high shoe standards, that I went around and took pictures of them. Take a look at the way these guys keep their shoes looking fresh, and notice how great they look. So, as you’ve just witnessed, the men of Manhattan keep their sneakers in mint condition. They even go the extra mile and wear plastic bags over their trainers when it rains. Now THAT is respecting the footwear!

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