All You Need to Know About Laser Spine Surgery  

Most people who are suffering from chronic back pains consider New York laser spine surgery as a long-term solution to their condition. Television and internet ads also advertise laser spine surgery as a quick and effective treatment method for patients with chronic back pains. Unlike the traditional spine surgery methods that use scalpels and cutting tools to open your back, laser spine surgery uses tiny incision to open up the back which significantly reduces the amount of damaged tissue and muscles that must be healed. The procedure will result in a minute scar. Laser spine surgery tries to preserve as much of your back muscle, soft tissue and the overall spinal anatomy as possible.

Is Laser Spine Surgery Better Than Traditional Back Surgery?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The most significant advantage of laser spine surgery is that it allows the surgeons to fix the damage to your spine while minimizing the damage made to other parts of your body. The lasers used in laser spine surgery are clear-cut and can easily get rid of the damaged muscle discs without causing severe bleeding in your body tissues. The use of basic anesthesia is more appealing to patients. Furthermore, the recovery time is reduced. Typically, the surgical process will last for about one hour and the recovery period is minimal. Most of the patients who go through laser spine surgery procedure are able to support themselves after a few hours.

Several Factors Affect the Cost of Laser Spine Surgery

One question that will be ringing in your head when you decide to consider laser spine surgery is the cost of treatment. However, there is no fixed cost of New York Laser Spine Surgery. Treatment cost will vary from one case to another depending on a number of factors. Some of the factors which will influence the cost of your procedure include market fluctuations, how extensive the surgery is, the local cost of living, and the physician you choose.

You Will Need Physical Therapy After the Procedure

Your physician will recommend physical therapy soon after your surgery. It is critical for you to attend all of your physical therapy sessions and you perform all the recommended exercises at home. The primary purpose of the physical therapy is to help rehabilitate your spine by offering the much-needed strength and flexibility. A unique exercise schedule will be designed to meet your specific needs, and you will be required to perform the exercises at home as part of the routine.

After How Long Can You Return to Work?

You will need some time off work after the procedure. It doesn’t matter whether your job involves some light desk duties or is more physical and demanding in nature. You will need at least two weeks off duty, but some patients may need up to 12 weeks off.

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