Are You Planning for An Implant? Know the Benefits Here!

You may have several dental issues as you age and sometimes you may lose the tooth due to various reasons. No matter whatever is the reason for loss of tooth, it prohibits you from enjoying life to its fullest. Eating whatever you want, speaking fluently, smiling happily, laughing confidently are some of the problems you may face with loss of tooth.

If you are planning to go for an implant as a solution, then don’t forget to know the benefits and care to be taken. Know them here!

Medically, an implant is a surgical component that allows the dentist to mount the replacement teeth directly into the desired place (a surgically positioned metal frame in the jawbone). It has three parts –

  1. An implant – These titanium dental implants are placed in the jawbone and are allowed to bond with the natural bone. They are the base for artificial teeth or crown. They are like artificial roots (looks like a screw) that holds the artificial tooth in place.
  2. A connector – also known as an abutment, these connectors are placed on top of the implants to hold and support the crown.
  3. The crown – these are custom made teeth that resemble the natural one and are placed in the mouth.

Facts about the implant

  • They are the only dental restoration methods that preserve natural bone and stimulates their growth.
  • In 1952, it P.I. Branemark discovered that titanium naturally fuses with the bone.

Who should undergo the procedure?

People having one or more missing teeth, broken teeth, decayed teeth or similar situations that are beyond repair, are eligible for undergoing an implant.

Moreover, people uncomfortable with their dental dentures, partial denture or bridges can take advantage of the technique.

Benefits of the implant

  1. The implants look and behave like your natural teeth along with natural looking teeth implants gives you following benefits –
  • Improved speech – unlike dentures the implant will not slip out embarrassing you and causing you to mumble or slur the words.
  • Since they become a part of your jaw, they provide you more comfort than the other methods.
  • Proper eating – unlike dentures they don’t slide while eating.
  1. Long lasting.
  2. Prevent bone loss

In the absence of teeth, the jaw bone deteriorates due to lack of stimulation. 25% of the volume is lost if the lost tooth isn’t replaced within the first year. Implants restore normal chewing and stimulate the need for bone growth.

  1. Keep the neighbour teeth stable
  2. Prevents gum diseases
  3. Improves facial appearance by preventing sagginess
  4. Convenient


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