Best reasons to stop ignoring your mental health – Be proactive about your health

When we’re affected with flu or cough and cold, we either pop a pill which we have got over-the-counter or we visit the doctor to get professional help. But if we are unable to shrug off all those worries and the constant sense of hopelessness, we act as if nothing has gone wrong and everything is fine. Due to this kind of attitude towards mental health, the US has 1 among 4 adults who are suffering from mental disorder that’s undiagnosed. Less than half of them receive any kind of treatment.

This is kind of strange if you think about it, especially in the age of the Internet. With hotlines and mental health blogs such as, among many others, there is a plethora of information about how to better your personal state of mental health. And yet, people still shy away from it. This is a huge mistake and there are many reasons why you should start taking care of your mental health.

Reason #1: Improved physical health

We often tend to forget the fact that there’s a strong connection between body and mind. Whenever you’re in physical pain your work life will be affected and you will stop enjoying doing all the activities which you loved doing. Just as physical health issues lead to mental health disorders, similarly mental stress can also lead to the same. If you address your physical health problem, then why won’t your mental health issue be addressed?

Reason #2: Less stress on your family members

Mental health issues have a direct impact on the members of your family. The kids of the people who are suffering from mental disorder are at the risk of being abused by the society people. Neglect, abuse and different kinds of behavioral issues will lead to mental issue among the kids as well. Hence, in order to reduce the strain on the family, you should take proactive steps to treat your mental health disorder.

Reason #3: A happier and longer life

According to a study by British Medical Journal, people who suffer from even mild mental health issues have been seen to have low life expectancy. Those who had the highest level of anxiety and depression had the highest risk of death due to different forms of heart diseases. Hence, if you’re someone who feels even the slightest symptoms of depression or anxiety, you should soon get in touch with a health professional.

Therefore, it is vital that you immediately start addressing your mental health just as you always address all your physical health concerns. There is no longer the stigma attached to mental health disorders and hence you can be smart about seeking expert help.

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