Causes for the Acne Scars and Different Ways to Treat Them

A crystal-clear glowing skin is a dream of everyone, the most common problem that affects the skin is acne. The damaged dermis forms a scar on the body. Although acne is an impermanent problem, but the scars will remain forever and reminds us the story we have overcome.

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If you often face problem with blemishes, then look at the reasons for the appearance of scars and different ways to prevent them.


  • Usually, acne scars are often caused by the inflamed lesions including pustule, cyst, or papule. If the skin tissues are destroyed deeply, then your body develops a scar tissue, which is flawed and uneven.
  • You can prevent the acne scars by using right products and making few changes in your habit. Moreover, there are few latest treatments that help to erase the existing scars.
  • Also, you have to control yourself by popping pimple and picking scabs that leads to permanent blemish on your body.

Acne scar types

There is different type of acne scarring that are produced by the body such as keloid or hypertrophic, depressed or atrophic scars, boxcar, ice pick, and more.  Some scars will fade on their own, but few of them need extra caring and special treatment to speed up their fading time.


Take treatment immediately – Start treating acne when you notice them. Consult your doctor immediately for the right treatment. Also, clean your face at regular intervals.  If it is not getting better even after the treatment then take a quick treatment before it becomes worse. By preventing a pimple, you can prevent scar as well.

Avoid squeezing, popping, or picking pimples – By doing so, the pimple will push the infected material deep into the skin pores and makes the problem worse by causing serious blemishes such as cysts, nodules, etc. Resist yourself and let the blemish fade itself.

If you have deep breakouts or large cysts, you cannot prevent acne scars alone with your effort you may need extra help. Consult your doctor for advice to make sure you need any acne treatment. Also, choose the best treatment suitable to you depending on the severity of the problem.

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