Confused About Breast Implants? Here are a Few Tips to Help

Breast Implant Surgery still remains one of the most commonly requested surgeries all over the world. The procedure involves inserting breast implants into a breast “pocket” — an area of space created surgically in the breast tissue. The incision to create the breast pocket is made in the armpit area or breast crease.

Incisions in the breast crease are the most common for breast implant patients. Armpit incisions are normally chosen for individuals who are more prone to noticeable scarring.

Women of all ages consider breast enhancement surgery via breast implants for a number of reasons. Benefits of having breast implant surgery include:

  • Cosmetic Breast Surgery can help you feel better about your body and your breast size or breast shape.
  • Your proportions may seem more comfortable or balanced following breast enhancement surgery.
  • You may feel more comfortable in bathing suits or other clothing and feel less self-conscious about your chest area and proportions.

What are modern types of breast implants made of?

The most popular modern implants are made mainly of cohesive silicone gel. The gel and surfaces of modern day implants have been significantly improved through the years and are more stable and cohesive.

One of the newest implant brands is Motiva; it is also one of the most popular implants used today. Saline implants are also available but are not used as often as they don’t tend to feel as natural as silicone implants. Saline implants can also deflate, which could leave you with uneven and unnatural looking breasts, there’s also some concern about mold and rippling risks.

In general, modern breast implants are considered safe and effective for most breast enhancement procedures. Nearly all breast enhancement surgery patients WILL need future surgery at some stage; but in general, hundreds of thousands of procedures are administered every year, with positive appearance outcomes and no ill effects on health.

Make sure that you find a Plastic Surgeon like top breast surgeon Dr Cooter who only uses the highest quality brand of modern implants in a sterile hospital setting for breast implant surgery. Stay far away from discount backroom clinics and overseas surgery.

What do most brand breast implants achieve?

Breast implantsare employed to augment, meaning their primary purpose is to enhance the breast volume size, which impacts breast shape, cleavage, posture, cup size and overall body proportions. Silicon implants by Motiva or Mentor are excellent at filling out the breasts and giving you more breast cleavage, projection and volume.

Shape of breast implants: Are Round or anatomical breast implants better?

Every patient has a unique body, and individual goal, for having implants. After surgery, very few people — including patients and surgeons would be able to detect whether an anatomical or round implant was used. Round implants are the currently most popular options for many patients. However, every surgery is completely customised to the individual patient, and occasionally anatomical shaped implants are more suitable for some patients.

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