Control of Overfeeding in Babies

The best way to guarantee an active baby is by maintaining a healthy feeding pattern. However, with the increase in infant obesity, it is crucial to consider nutrition from the start. When you’re aiming at preventing overfeeding in babies, breastfeeding is your most valid option. Brusie C. (2016) holds the view that breastfeeding a child is the best approach to controlling overfeeding. This is an advantage over bottle feeding an infant. Stressed out mothers can always look into cannabis delivery Canada as an option.

Moreno M.A., Furtner F., Rivara F.P. (2011) are of the opinion that breast milk is nutritious and easy to digest. At the same time, your baby is the one to decide when to eat and the amount to consume. Breastfed babies are more likely able to regulate their rate of consumption. This helps to reduce their chances of getting overweight. Since they can regulate their consumption rate, overfeeding is likely impossible.

It is practically not possible to overfeed a breastfed baby. They don’t feed because of depression or need attention. Infants feed because they are famished and will stop when satisfied. Breastfeeding your baby is beneficial to you and your baby. A well-breastfed baby is less prone to diseases like diarrhea, ear infections and other infections caused by bacteria or virus. BC BUD can be purchased online at online dispensary montreal.

While breastfeeding serves many health benefits, it also provides closeness and comfort between the mother and baby. Cases of overfed infants are prevalent in bottle-fed babies. This is because a breastfed baby determines how much milk it eats at a particular time. The case is different for bottle-fed babies as the parents may try to make the baby eat more than needed. This constantly put the bottle-fed child at the risk of overfeeding.

How to Control Overfeeding in Babies.

Often times, parents get scared when their babies develop chunky thighs. Nevertheless, chunky thighs are not perpetually a sign of obesity in the future. Breastfeeding involves a whole lot of learning because not every mum knows how to breastfeed.

The key to controlling overfeeding in infants is observation. Paying attention to the suck pattern of the child can help provide a clue to how much milk a baby is getting. Customarily, a baby may unlatch or sleep off when they have gotten enough milk. To avoid overfeeding a child, it is advisable for parents to stick to breastfeeding for the first six months before introducing solid foods. Do not compel a baby to continue feeding. Acknowledge the baby to decide how long to keep feeding and when to stop. Avoid sweetened drinks and juice for infants as these are linked to childhood obesity. When introducing solid foods to babies, it is advisable to stick to wholesome and nourishing foods. Always breastfeed them first before giving them solid foodstuffs. This helps the baby gain all the required nutrients from the breast milk. Solid food can be given afterward.

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