Dealing with smiling depression –Knowing the symptoms and the cure strategies

Depression is usually related to lethargy, sadness and a sense of grief, which altogether bars a person from getting out of bed. Someone who is going through this kind of depression can definitely feel all of the above mentioned things but the way depression will present itself varies from one person to another. Smiling depression is an umbrella term which is used to describe someone who is living with depression inside while trying to remain happy from outside.

Online sites like help pair patients with the best counselors who can treat them with any kind of depression. But before going into the solution, let’s take a look at its symptoms and other details.

Symptoms associated with smiling depression

A person who is going through smiling depression would appear happy among others. However, from within, he might be facing depressing and distressing symptoms. Depression has a separate impact on everyone’s life and some of the most distinguished symptoms of smiling depression are as follows:

  • A reduced appetite, a sudden change in weight and sleep patterns
  • Lethargy or fatigue
  • Lack of self-esteem, feeling of hopelessness and diminished self-worth
  • Loss of pleasure or interest in performing tasks which you once enjoyed

A person suffering from smiling depression might experience either any of the above symptoms or all of them. To know how the same person looks from outside, here’s how you may find him:

  • As an extremely active person who is highly functioning
  • As someone who holds a steady job and who has a social and healthy family life
  • As a person who appears to be optimistic, cheerful and happy

A critical depressive symptom is to have unusually low energy and finding it tough to get out of bed every morning. Energy levels may not affect unless the person is alone.

Are the risks of suicides higher?

Due to all these symptoms, there is higher risk of suicide. People who suffer from major depression often feel suicidal as they don’t have energy to act on such thoughts. If you think that someone you know is moving towards suicidal attempt, here are ways you can prevent it:

  • Call a local emergency number or 911
  • Accompany the person until someone arrives to help
  • Remove any knives, gun or harmful medications which are sure to cause harm
  • Listen to his problems, but don’t argue or judge or threaten him

Therefore, when you’re trying to cure yourself of smiling depression, make sure you get help of a counselor who can give you advice on the steps that you should take.

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