Dental Implants – Are They Comfortable, Safe and Secure?

A dental implant is used to offer support to false teeth, it may be one or more. It is done using a titanium screw such that it replaces the tooth root as it fails. This is placed same as a tooth root into the jawbone.

Are implants safe?

Implants are a well established, safe treatment, much like the natural teeth. It will be lasting for longer time if you take proper care of them.  If you neglect or do not take proper care of your implants they will also develop similar coating that was in your natural teeth. Leaving it untreated may result in gum infection, soreness, bleeding and general discomfort.

Taking good care of your implants is best and if the bone is also healthy and strong, it may last for many years. However, there is no guarantee as lifetime, identical as other surgical implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Referring to dental plants, they are the tooth roots that are artificial providing fixed base for the replacement teeth. However, in comparison to bridges, crowns and dentures, the dental implants are also an effective and popular long term solution. This helps people who have missing teeth or are experiencing chronic dental issues.  The dental implants must be done from renowned places such as This is because, they will ensure your dental implants are perfectly fit and functions same as your natural teeth.

How dental implants can be secure and comfortable?

Doctors use titanium grade implant fixture and this over time fuses with the living bone cells in the jaw. Thus there is a union forming durable and strong anchor for your teeth and so there is no other movement such as slippage. There are no eating problems also with dental implants and there is no regular repair required, thus you can smile openly and freely.

Dental implants comprise of three parts:

  • The foremost is the implant that is a screw serving as your new teeth root. It is permanently attached to your jaw.
  • The next is the abutment that is actually permanent, but can be removed only by doctor. This is the connector supporting and holding your teeth set.
  • Finally, the crown is your tooth part that can be seen. It is made of porcelain or zirconium for good looks and durability.

Thus, dental implants may be used to replace multiple teeth, single tooth or even full lower or/and upper teeth set.

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