Drugs: why do we get addicted, how can we get out of it

The drug is often equated with addiction. Yet drug users have freely chosen to start consuming. And it is to stay free that they decide one day to get out of it.

How do people come to take drugs?

Drug addiction can be explained by many reasons. Some authors evoke inner psychological conflicts, others hereditary predispositions or neurological mechanisms, the latter emphasize the influence of the social milieu. All these explanations have as a common point to consider addiction in terms of cause acting on people. A phycologist approaches things from another angle: that of the choices and values ​​of addicts, who are not simply unconscious victims of their past, their environment or their genes. Their initial choice as well as their decision to leave is also guided by voluntary actions, conscious decisions and specific values.

But most drug addicts also strongly insist that they made choices, made decisions, and began to consume without anyone pushing them. Sometimes it was against their environment and to free themselves from it. For most of them there is a clear will to transgression. They acted very willingly, without outside pressure.

We do not fall into the drug by mistake.

At some point, the individual faces a decision: he must make a move to get drugs, refuse or accept a proposal. At that moment, he weighs the pros and the cons. And if he has yielded once, nothing forces him to start again. The taste of freedom and the search for pleasure are the first reasons for the first tests. Often these first steps are subject to a more or less lucid risk assessment. The author deduces that the entry into the dependence is not linked to a fault of the will. It’s more like a “freedom loophole”, as is a car accident. We do not choose to have an accident, but we always consciously choose to drive and take risks.

Practical philosophy

It is particularly in the process of exit, the will to emerge that the subjective part is most clearly manifested: when he must wage an internal war against his own temptations and the influences that weigh on him. Why do drug addicts end up wanting to stop? Massively, the answer is either that these people did not want to die, or that they could not live like that anymore. Concretely, drug addicts evoke decisive events to explain their decision to stop as the birth of a child, humiliation too, a lifestyle change or the involvement of a parent. In any case, the drug addict can no longer: he reacts to the risk of dying, imminent, or because life has become unbearable. As per the Orange county addictionhelp professionals the judgment, before being a victory of the reasonable will over the misguided desire, is an experience of the exhaustion of the former freedom.

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