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If you are still using the combustible cigarette, you are sailing alone: probably with a few of your friends. According to reports from the World Health Organization, a significant decrease in the number of smokers. There is something notable too about the number of people using vape: an increase from 7 million to thirty-five million in the number of people using vape. That is, between 2011 and 2016.

There must be a reason behind this shift. Below are some of the highlighted reasons

  1. Convenience

With a vape, one does not have to find a smoking zone to indulge. You can do it anywhere and at any time without disturbing the peace of the non-smokers around you. More so, it is a bit private as no one gets to know what you are inhaling: unless you tell them of course.

  1. Reduced levels of carcinogens in the body

No one wants to attract cancer. This is one of the primary reasons as to why smokers are switching to vape. E-cigarettes contain a much lower percentage of carcinogen as compared to combustible cigarettes. There is, therefore, a lower risk associated with using e-cigarettes.

  1. Helps individuals quit smoking

E-cigarettes have been seen to help individuals quit smoking. Note that the liquid used in vaping has controlled amounts of nicotine. Nicotine is the substance that is usually behind smokers getting addicted. However, with controlled amounts of the substance, smokers fighting addiction find an easy time tapering off.

  1. User friendly

Choking from cigarette smoke is unpleasant. No one wants to go through that when they are looking for that nicotine buzz. More so, it is usually hard to prevent the smoke from getting into your eyes: the pain is typically unbearable!

With an e-cigarette, this is one of the struggles that you will have to kiss goodbye. The pens are usually very easy to use and anything but complicated.

  1. E-Cigarettes are safe

You have heard about cigarette smoking causing a wide array of health conditions. Starting with Type 2 Diabetes, smoking is one of the leading causes of the disease, and also brings complications to patients living with this kind of diabetes. Substances found in tobacco narrow the blood vessels all over the body of the user. With that, blood flow to the limbs is restricted leading to infection and possible amputation of the patient’s leg.

Type 2 Diabetes is not the only health issue that diabetes causes. We are talking about erectile dysfunction, infertility, gum disease and impairment in Infact whose mother was smoking, especially during pregnancy. Cigarette smoking also leads to a decrease in the bone density of an individual. This, in turn, increases the risk of the individual getting fractures.

As you have seen, the buzz about e-cigarettes is called for. There is so much that the user can save himself from. If you are struggling with quitting, vaping and other treatments can be used to hasten the process. More so, you will seclude yourself from developing long term health issues. If you are looking to join the club, take a look at these e-cigs.

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