Finding The Best Supplier Of Vape Juice

As of October 2020, an estimated 3.2 million people vape UK wide, and this number is growing every year. With so many people stopping smoking and turning to electronic cigarettes, it is a massive market with many retailers looking to cash in on this lucrative industry. However, not all companies are the same, and the quality of products can vary quite drastically. If you are still new to vaping and on the lookout for a quality supplier at a fair price, there are many things that you can do to find the best supplier of your favourite flavours. Below are some tips to help you find a quality e-liquid supplier to help ensure you never go back to smoking again.

Look Where The Supplier Is Located

Different countries have different rules and legislation regarding vaping, and when you are looking for premium e-liquid, UK suppliers might be your best choice. When you purchase from a company in the UK, you can rest assured that their products meet the strict guidelines in place and conform to all legislation. Some foreign manufacturers of e-liquids will use ingredients that can harm your health, so it is best to avoid these and stick with suppliers in the UK.

Look At The Ingredients

The ingredients that go into e-liquids that contain nicotine are simple, and you will often find there are only four or five of them. The primary components include:

  • VG – Vegetable Glycerine makes the vapour clouds and the higher the VG ratio, the more vapour it produces.
  • PG – Propylene Glycol, which is the ingredient that gives you a hot on the back of your throat, making it closer to smoking.
  • Nicotine – The highly addictive substance in tobacco.
  • Flavourings – Most flavours are artificial, and you often find it is the same ones used in food that go into making the wide variety of different e-liquid flavours.

The only other ingredient you may find in e-liquids is water, and if there are any other ingredients, you may wish to avoid consuming these products. Always check the ingredients carefully before making a purchase.

A Safe & Secure Website

You will also want to look for an e-liquid supplier with a secure website, and you can tell if a site is protected by looking for the padlock symbol to the left of the address bar on your browser. You will also want to ensure that the website has secure payment facilities and to maximise the consumer protection you have, pay with a credit card where possible.

Check The Delivery Options

The delivery options a supplier has can also be a vital area to look at, and many suppliers will offer various forms of delivery at different prices. You can select which option is best for you will depend on how quickly you need your e-liquid and how much you want to spend. You may also wish to look for a supplier with a loyalty program that allows you to earn credit against future purchases, saving you money.

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