Four Things you Should Know when Buying Marijuana Products in Colorado

Marijuana is legal in Colorado. However, there are significant differences in the way recreational and medical marijuana is distributed and priced. Indeed, there are legalities that should be followed to make the new system work. If you are looking to buy marijuana in this state, here are things you should know first:

How Old you should Be to Legally Buy Marijuana in Colorado

Any person who can present a current and official identification that proves they are over 21 years old can buy marijuana in Colorado. They must present their identification before check out to get permission to buy the product. Those who are looking to buy medical marijuana should hold a current card issued to them by the state. The best fort collins dispensary sells both recreational and medical marijuana within the same facility.

Tax Differences

The main tax difference between medical and recreational marijuana is the amount charged with every sale. But, the specific tax rate varies between counties. Medical patients are expected to get a lower tax rate of about 10% because they legitimately need medicine. They can also pick from a variety of marijuana products such as tinctures, edibles, and other products infused with marijuana. Recreational marijuana products include the buds and some edibles.

Buying Recreational Marijuana

People who live in the state can buy up to one ounce of marijuana at a time, per dispensary, per day. But non-residents can only buy up to a quarter of an ounce per dispensary per day. Taking marijuana bought in Colorado outside of state boundaries is illegal. As the demand for marijuana products in increases, their prices also increase to around $60 for a 1/8 of recreational marijuana plus tax.

Smoking Pot

Although buying marijuana is illegal in the state, smoking it in public place is still prohibited. Recreational marijuana must only be used privately and at venues which explicitly permit marijuana use. Also, driving while under the influence of the product can get anyone a DUI. Even if they take just a few hits, they can reach beyond the 5 nanogram THC limit so it is best to never smoke and drive.

The state of Colorado is trying to change how people across the world view cannabis and its medicinal, economical, and creative potential. If you want to use and enjoy the finest and highest-quality marijuana products available, take the time to know the rules and regulations set up around the use of the products for recreational purposes.

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