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Are you looking for outstanding Gynecologic health care center women? Then, you can choose OB GYN Santa Monica Health Care. They are running their OB/GYN practice in Santa Monica, CA since 1979 and their experts have a lot of knowledge about women health’s problems. Dr. J.David Edwards offers a wide range of Obstetric services including 2D and 3D ultrasound and amniocentesis. He is the most popular specialist in women health care services and also affiliated with the University of California Los Angles medical center. This health care center offers a wide range of services to their patients.

Services of OB/GYN Hospital:

  1. Pregnancy Specialist: At OB/GYN, you can get a variety of comprehensive pregnancy services for families all around the Santa Monica. It is one of the incredible places for women who look for a doctor with extensive experience in delivering high risks babies, especially if you have a pre-existing problem that can raises risks during delivery.
  2. 2. Gynecology: J David provides a wide variety of gynecology services to their patients in Santa Monica. Women’s can easily choose this platform for their gynecology problems, health screening, birth control, and infertility. Every single woman requires a gynecology service in their life for maintaining the reproductive system and overall health. So, it is one of the great places to get gynecology services.
  3. Infertility services: They are also specialized in infertility services for a couple. So, you can easily get their services to save your married life. They use the most useful and effective ways to provide better infertility services. Through OB/GYN, patients can take benefits from fertility drug services. Fertility drugs help to restore the hormones to therapeutic levels.
  4. High Risks Obstetrics: they also offer high risks obstetrics services to women that contains their extensive knowledge of high-risk obstetrics. Moreover, they provide all solutions with high quality and advanced technology including 2D and 3D ultrasounds, fetal DNA testing, and amniocentesis to improve the outcomes of many mothers.
  5. 5. Ultrasound services: Through this platform, you can also get real and effective ultrasound services. And, they have 30-year experienced in their ultrasound services. They offer 2D and 3D ultrasound services to their patients. This ultrasound solution helps to see a clear and white picture of the internal health.
  6. Cervical Cancer Screening: Dr. J.David Edward has dedicated to providing the excellent and solo practicing to exceptional gynecological care to all his parents. Moreover, he is especially committed to offering high-quality cervical cancer screening services to their patients. They use many comprehensive tools for screening women health.
  7. 7. HPV management services: The experts of the OB/GYN provide a wide range of Gynecologist services to their patients including better HPV management services. It is one of the most common virus which effects women health easily. So, you can quickly get HPV management services from this platform.

At OB/GYN Health care centers, you can easily book your appointment. You can get instant 24/7 access to your health information through this Platform. To schedule your appointment, you can get the help of the myUCLAhealth. This platform is also providing online services to access health issues, and you can use the internet to request an appointment for you. There are many apps available to book your services. If you are newer on this platform, then you can request to make an appointment with a specialist. But, if you have already an account, then you can also visit myUCLAhealth option through their official website, and you can easily get information regarding your health through the internet. This platform is also offering the various insurance services to their patients. If you need help regarding their service, then you can quickly contact the experts through 424-282-5037.

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