Get Rid of Acne Effectively – Best Skin Care Routine for Those Having Acne Prone Skin

A proper skin care routine is essential for each and every one of us. However, it is especially important in case you have acne issues. Well, the following steps will guide you towards creating a healthy and happy skin along with controlling breakouts as well!

Good cleansing

The importance of a good cleansing should never be overlooked when it comes to daily skincare routine. In fact, it is the backbone of it. It helps you in keeping your skin free of dirt, excess oils, makeup, and sweat leaves you with a clean and nice base so that you can use other acne treatment products well.

A good cleansing is much more than just water and soap. Start with a good natural cleanser that is not too dry or harsh for your skin. You should go for cleansing at least twice a day.

Exfoliate it!

Exfoliation regularly frees up the pores from excess oils. It even removes the build-up of dead skin cells and reduces formation of comedones. It ultimately leads to softer and smooth skin. While you may even choose a different exfoliating product, some of the acne treatment products may already have exfoliating properties.

Tone it up!

Astringents and toners are usually used after cleansing leaving your skin fresh. They are designed to remove excess oil from your skin. Some of them even have blemish-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid.


People having oily skin may want to keep a distance from moisturizers, but they can indeed be a good thing even if you are prone to acne. An oil free and good moisturizer will not trigger breakouts, but will help in easing flakiness, dryness, as well as peeling. Acne treatments can dry up your skin and so you will want to moisturize it so that it can be counteracted.

Keep your skin properly hydrated

While it may not have any direct effect on the already existing breakouts, hydration is one of the most important aspects of skincare routine. Hydrated skin means healthy skin. When it is healthy, it can easily fight against breakouts, heal skin better and faster, and even prevents growth of bacteria.

However, it is recommended to look out for light weight hydrator which is water based. It will offer just the right amount of moisture without clogging pores or irritating skin.

You must remember here that none of the skincare routine can be overnight miracle worker. It will take some weeks to notice some effective changes in your skin. Just be patient!

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