Get Yourself Prepared if It’s your First Visit for an Eye Check up

Often it is seen that we neglect our eyes unless we have issues like blurred vision, spot on retina or night blindness. It is best to visit a doctor before it is too late. There are many people who have never faced any problem with their eye sight which can attributed to their good genes. However, there are others who had to wear lenses or glasses at an early age.

It is suggested to visit an Optometrist or ophthalmologist regularly, In this case you need to simply search “optometrist near mein google to find best Optometrist. There are many serious injuries that are taken care of by an ophthalmologist but that happens only when your eye doctor decides that the only solution to the problem is surgery.

Often it is seen that when patients meet doctors they may not clarify all their doubts. So here are few things that we would like to share that you should remember when you visit an eye doctor –

  • Always remember the current medications that you’re taking and any kind of ailment you have.
  • Write down your symptoms because at times you might forget something that is necessary for the doctor to know.
  • You should know your family history related to eye problem. For example, if anyone in your family has ever had cataract or glaucoma.
  • If you wear eye glasses or lenses then carry your latest prescription.
  • Don’t forget to carry your insurance card or any other payment method as the examination is done post the payment.

There will be a series of eye tests from simple to complicated. You need to show patience and not panic. Here are the tests that are done to check your eyes –

  • Visual activity test is to check your vision where you would be asked to read letters on a projector.
  • A color-blind test is done to check any potential eye problems related to vision.
  • Cover test is a simple test where one eye is covered and the other eye is left naked to view the letters on the projector. The same procedure is followed with the next eye, if you have any problem, it is detected through this test.

These three tests are common for all patients. Depending upon further problems, glaucoma test, slit lamp exam, refraction, retinoscopy, ocular motility, stereopsis and many other tests are performed.

A routine eye exam which is done in general isn’t complicated and everyone is advised to do it on a regular basis.

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