How do I choose CBD oil to use for hand sanitizer?

When going about your normal life, you can come into contact with various forms of bacteria and viruses with the things you touch. Without any ideal protection measure against the same, it can become hard to protect yourself against some of the common infections known to mankind today. Keep a sanitizer with you in your car or bag to have handy when needed. Some cleansers come with agents that don’t dry out your skin, a common issue, so use things like a hemp hand sanitizer to stay safe…. and soft. When preparing hand sanitizer at home, how do you choose the right CBD oil to use for improved protection?

Extraction methods used

In attempt to mitigate the production costs, CBD oil manufacturers might begin using questionable extraction hacks and thereby causing you to enjoy poor quality CBD oil. There are obviously several toxic solvents that one can use for their CBD extraction including propane, butane and hexane all which interfere with the quality of CBD that one gets. You should therefore research the best extraction techniques and ascertain whether they were used in the CBD oil you purchase to make hand sanitizers with. There are two techniques that are mainly used in the industry today that are legal which are:-

  1. Use of CO2 in the extraction – this technique utilizes carbon dioxide gas to extract CBD without tampering with its quality. It is furthermore environmental friendly and safe for the customers that consume the oil as there are no toxins.
  2. Use of alcohol – there are many people today who will use various forms of alcohol for instance ethane to extract CBD and form CBD tinctures. This technique is also preferred because there are no interferences with the quality of CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant.

CBD products around the world are not all well regulated unless you are making your purchase from a trusted source. Amateurs will find it hard to know the right quality of CBD oil to purchase for their home made sanitizers and that can mean the difference between a product that works and one that cannot be relied upon. Poor quality CBD products have the capability of harming you if not causing you long term side effects that you never anticipated for. Ensure you choice are organic hemp oil that is a subject to different regulations. When you go for the natural option, it becomes easy to avoid consuming other dangerous chemicals used in extraction including pesticides.

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