How harmful the vehicle crashes for a pregnant women and unborn baby?

Vehicle crashes have been rapidly increasing from the last few years. The reckless driving or drinking while driving is the major cause of a plethora of peoples’ deaths each year. Recent studies show that the motor vehicle crashes more threaten to pregnant women between the ages (15-44 years) and even is the leading cause of death for pregnant women. Moreover, Studies also reveal that between 1% and 3% of unborn babies are exposed in the uterus in a vehicle crash. If, you are one of them who have got serious harm in a motor vehicle accident due to the others driver negligence, you can get in touch with a Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto for getting your deserving compensation. How harmful the vehicle crashes for a pregnant women and unborn baby is described below:

  • If the car crashes in early pregnancy: it may lead to a unique risk to pregnant women like too much stress, severe injuries to the mother and infant and even miscarriage. Beside it, if the accident was minor, you still need to consult a doctor for getting examined properly.
  • If the car crashes in late pregnancy: it may leads to placental abruption. The placental abruption may cause further some serious issues like hemorrhage, miscarriage or premature delivery.

What to Do First after a Car Accident during Pregnancy:

Unfortunately, if it happens to you do not get panic. It is advised that a pregnant woman who has been in a motor crash should consult the OB/GYN immediately after the accident. This action may reduce the potential risk to both mother and unborn baby’s life.

Personal Injury Lawyer’s View in Such Circumstances:

If, you have got severe harm in an automobile collapse due to the other driver reckless driving, you should consult the best personal Injury Lawyers Toronto for getting your deserving compensation. You may be wondering that if you are pregnant and injured in a car accident, your damages, medical bills, and compensation are all likely to be higher due to the threats associated with car accident and pregnancy.

An insurance company’s principal aim is to make money. An insurance adjuster can provide you the lowest amount of settlement that may not cover your entire doctor’s visits, hospital expenses, or loss of work. Thus, hire an experienced legal representative who can help you get the legal reimbursement for you and your baby.

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