How Safe Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Women? Find Here!

As women age, production of hormones starts to reduce, and this can cause a number of symptoms, especially before and after menopause. Replenishing the lost hormones is the crux of hormone replacement therapy, also called hormone therapy. When it comes to hormone therapy, two types of hormones can be used for the treatment – synthetic and bioidentical. Bioidentical hormone is similar to hormones produced by the body naturally and is considered to be better than synthetic hormones for hormone replacement. Here are some more aspects about bioidentical hormone therapy for women.

When to consider bioidentical hormone therapy?

Hormonal imbalance can cause a series of side effects, some of which can be hard to manage. In case of women, symptoms are often more evident before and after menopause, because the body goes through a lot of changes. From issues with sleeping cycle and hot flashes, to headaches, mood swings, anxiety, loss of energy, weight gain, and joint pain, there can be many systems, which can be managed with bioidentical hormone therapy. Whether you are a good candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy depends on many factors.

Taking an appointment with the doctor

Your first appointment with the doctor is important, because he will explain all the relevant aspects of bioidentical hormone therapy, with risks, possible side effects, and costs. It should be noted that this is an elective procedure, so the costs are not covered under insurance. Bioidentical hormones are derived from plants like wild yam and soy and are known to be safe even for use in the long term. Your doctor may suggest anything from creams and gels to vaginal inserts, pills or even injections. The treatment plan is completely customized and depends on the needs of the patient. In all cases, many tests are required to know vitamin, mineral and hormone levels of the body before HRT is recommended.

Other things to know

It’s a common myth that bioidentical hormone therapy causes weight gain. In fact, it can be useful for losing weight, as hormonal imbalance is often one of the first causes of rapid weight gain. If you are visiting a clinic for the first time, ask relevant questions and make sure that you are well-aware of the risks. Generally, HRT is considered to be safe for most women, although the medical history of the patient will be considered before anything else. Women with a history of heart diseases are not the ideal candidates for bioidentical hormone therapy.

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