How to set your day up for success


There a lot of advice on the internet about what constitutes for an ideal morning routine. While no single routine fits everyone, for example not everyone is a “morning person”, there are some proven techniques that can help just about everyone to start the day on a high note. They are actions that experts and scientist agree will make the difference between an unproductive day and one filled with purpose and energy. Therefore, here are some things that you should not do in the first hour of waking up if you’re looking to have the latter experience.

Don’t snooze

There snooze button is tempting especially when you are tired and not ready to face the day. We often tell ourselves “10 more minutes” but almost always tend to run longer than that. Experts state that once you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep, you enter into a sleep cycle, a short one at that, which gets interrupted when the alarm finally rings. What happens instead then is that you wake up groggier than you were when the alarm went off the first time. You’re better off cutting your losses and waking up and hitting the ground running.

Skip checking the emails

Most of us have made the habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning. As a result, most people end up it their email inbox and encounter a flood of things needing their attention; that email to the Regulatory Affairs Consultants California that needs responding, the project team that is still yet to give feedback and the deadline is looming etc. While someone may consider it a way of getting ahead, experts say that it changes the trajectory of your day- they bring a flood of reminders just how much you need to get done in a signed day. If it overwhelming, it is likely that you will leave your bed feeling defeated by the day’s worries. For that reason, you’re better checking your email when you get to the office.

Not making your bed

The logic is quite simple; by making your bed after waking up, it becomes one thing that you have checked off your list. Scientists have shown that making one’s bed is associated with increased productivity as the day progresses. While most people feel that they’ll end up messing it up later and there’s therefore no reason to make it, there seems to be a correlation when it comes to the ability of forming healthy habits.

Not forming a morning ritual

Scientists have shown that willpower depletes as the day progresses. When you go about your morning as you wish without a routine, you’re exhausting your willpower. It is the reason why the biggest tech names wear the same looking outfits every day- they are leaving their well of decision-making for more important activities later on in the day. Therefore, having a morning routine puts you on autopilot as you save the mental resource you’re likely to need to conquer the day.