How to Take Good Care of Your Invisible Braces

Now that you have got your first set of invisible braces, you are already smiling bright and beautiful, but you may be wondering how to maintain your invisible brace. Here you go, we have got you covered up by summing up some useful tips to safeguard your priceless smile!

Proper care is to be taken for your invisible braces to keep them hygienic. As a daily routine, brush your teeth and cleanse your ibraces in the morning and at night. Whenever you remove them, make sure to clean them as well.

Never use the same toothpaste that you use for your teeth. Use a clear anti-bacterial soft soap to clean your ibraces. If food particles are found to be stuck in it or if you need to remove the plaque development, use an extra soft toothbrush to clean them. After cleaning ibraces, make sure to brush and floss your teeth before fixing them back.

Important points to remember while you use invisible braces

  • Your ibraces are fitted tightly to your teeth. So, any food particles left unclean between your teeth may lead to tooth decay.
  • If improperly maintained or left unmaintained, it may also lead to foul smell when you smile or speak that will be seriously embarrassing!
  • Do not forget to remove your invisible braces before eating. Chewing causes damage and ibraces tend to get brittle.
  • It is safe for drinking water but any kind of drinks can also stain your ibraces.
  • It is important to wear your ibraces regularly for proper progress in your treatment.
  • There’s a high chance of misplacing your invisible braces when you remove as they are transparent. Taking care is a must to avoid extra investment.

  • To avoid the loss and to be on the safer side, keep a case for your ibraces. Keeping it exposed may invite bacteria.

Some tips for extra care

If you are planning for a long trip, don’t forget to take the next set of invisible braces with you. Keeping a second set should be handy if in case you lose your first or you are not in a position to cleanse your ibrace

Visit a dental clinic periodically to ensure that your invisible braces and your teeth are well maintained. Healthy teeth are the base for ibraces to work. Get suggestions in choosing cleansing materials for your invisible braces. Contact Casion Dental today to get your appointment.

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