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Medicinal cannabis can be used to treat a wide variety of common conditions. Generally, medicinal cannabis results in the user having a sense of greater physical and mental relaxation, pain reduction, increased appetite, and better sleep. However, there are two main varieties of medicinal cannabis plants, and each offers a different set of benefits. The three major types of cannabis plants are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

The Best Medical Marijuana Indica Strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation. Indica can be like having a sleeping pill. With its sedative properties and “couch-locking” effects, this is a popular form of strain amongst those who suffer from anxiety, sleeping problems, insomnia, chronic pain, anorexia, muscle spasms, anxiety and more.

Indica strains are a popular choice for many who seek to use cannabis for its healing properties, as Indica tends to have higher levels of CBD, rather than THC, which provides its patients with a mellow high.

Unlike Sativa and Hybrids, Indica are known for being short, bushy plants with wide leaves. They tend to grow faster and have a higher yield than Sativa. Indica strains are mostly chosen by growers who are restricted to producing plants indoors since Indica plants will grow no taller than 6 feet and take as little as 9 weeks to flower.

Indica strains are fantastic in treating a wide variety of medical conditions. Below are a few of the best Medical Marijuana Indica Strains.

The Classic Strain: Granddaddy Purple:

This fruity strain has been around since 2003 and remains to be one of the most popular Indica dominant strains on the market today. It’s known for its distinctive fruity taste. Delivering a THC level between 17-27% with a CBD level of around 7%, this is not a strain to take lightly. Users can expect both a mental and body high that will feel like you’re floating euphorically. GDP is excellent for those who suffer from insomnia or trouble sleeping due to other conditions, and as well as this, it’s also great for easing pain and relaxing muscles. For a dreamy buzz that will leave you in a pain-free state of euphoria, look no further than Granddaddy Purple.

The Celebrity Strain: Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is one of the most famous Indica strains of all time and has won multiple awards for its pungent aroma and delightfully resinous buds. Known as a pure Indica, Northern Lights comes in at around 95% Indica and as such comes packed full of some of the best benefits of the strain. Northern Lights has THC levels ranging from 16-26% and promises a mellow and pacifying high. Northern Lights creates a dreamy euphoria that works throughout your mind and body for a blissfully lazy feeling that is likely to last for some time. Ideal for night time use, Northern Lights has been known to help significantly with sleeplessness, as well as being a popular strain for the relief of anxiety and depression.

Depending on your needs, if you’re seeking a range of medicinal benefits alongside a blissful relaxing high then these are definitely the Best Medical Marijuana Indica Strains you should go for.

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