Improving Your Health With Nose Reconstruction

While several individuals consider rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction surgery as a procedure that is only administered to satisfy someone whose unhappy with the way their nose looks, this is not always the case.

Many times a facial injury, trauma or the basic shape of the nose at birth, can contribute to difficulties with smelling and/or breathing correctly.

In most cases, this surgery can open up the nasal passages so that the affected individual can go on to breathe without problems.

Breathing Easy

The ability to breathe and breathe correctly is crucial to good health and quality of life. For most people, the only way they realise that they are NOT breathing correctly is through their surgical specialist or general practitioner.

For individuals that experience sinus conditions, deviated septum, snoring, a very narrow or small nasal passage breathing can be difficult at times and nasal reconstruction can alleviate or in some cases eliminate these problems.

Sleep Through the Night

Undergoing nose reconstruction that opens up the nasal passages improves breathing that leads to the ability to having a well-rested sleep.

Mental Clarity and Daytime Energy

One more benefit of improved breathing is an individual’s ability to get more oxygen into the body and the body’s system throughout the entire day. When the body receives the correct levels of oxygen, we become less prone to fatigue and have much more energy than before. In addition, oxygen into the bloodstream and brain helps improve mental clarity in most patients.

Its imperative that anyone considering rhinoplasty see a skilled and experienced specialist like Dr Alan Evans at Shire Cosmetic nose surgery when they are having trouble breathing through their nose properly.

A Big Boost of Self-Confidence

Several individuals all over the world are extremely self-conscious about the way their nose looks, and this is no surprise considering that the nose is the most prominent facial feature.

Concerns about having a nose that is too small, too big, too wide, hooked or crooked can all contribute to low self-esteem and cause frustration. However, nose reconstruction procedures can provide physiological and mental benefits to individuals who want to feel more confident about their face.

Individuals who feel like they have a more appealing nose, generally blossom professionally, socially and personally.

Start with a Professional Consultation

Whether or not nose reconstruction surgery is required to alleviate a cosmetic concern or a physical impairment, the keyto a successful rhinoplasty procedure is to begin with having a thorough exam and consultation with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

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