Installing Fire Doors in Hospitals and Other Healthcare Settings

There are so many people within a hospital, doctors’ surgery, care home, or other type of medical building or healthcare institution. The safety of those people is paramount to the management of the building. This includes the safety of all members of staff, suppliers, visitors to the building, but most of all it requires vigilance and an attention to detail when it comes to the safety of patients and other vulnerable people. Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of the safety of people in a hospital setting, and fire doors are one of the most important aspects of fire safety. Here, we look at the reasons why a fire door is so important in a hospital.

When a fire breaks out it spreads fast – really fast. Fire as a potential hazard and threat should be taken incredibly seriously in every type of building, but when you consider the number of vulnerable patients, life-saving equipment and machinery, and the supply of drugs and other medication in a hospital or GP, the dangers become more readily apparent.

It is important to limit the threat of fire and smoke as quickly as possible. Without any obstruction a fire can spread incredibly quickly, destroying everything in its wake in a matter of minutes. It can spread through a hospital, destroying whole wards very quickly, but on top of that the smoke can cause problems to those not within the immediate vicinity, as well as blocking escape routes.

This is where sturdy fire doors come in to be incredibly helpful. A fire door is designed to be closed at all times, and never to be propped open. It should have an exact gap around the entire frame that does not allow for fire or smoke to pass through it, and it should provide enough time for an escape to take place in the worst-case scenario of a fire breaking out. This is a necessity where you are talking about a large number of patients, staff, and other individuals on site in a hospital for instance, and where there could be significant damage, injury, and fatalities without proper fire safety protocols and fire safety equipment in place.

Always ensure that you have access to the highest grade of fire door within a hospital setting or any other type of healthcare institution. The fire door should be fully operational, and to an exact standard, allowing for up to 30-minutes of blocking fire and smoke. This time is crucial, as it means there is a chance for patients and equipment to be moved where possible, for an escape route to be used efficiently, and for the emergency services to begin putting the fire out.

Work with a supplier of fire doors that has a reputation of supplying and installing world class fire doors in healthcare settings. It will go a long way to providing a careful and extensive plan for fire safety that prevents fire and smoke from spreading quickly, and gives the best possible chance to limit fatalities.

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