Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Know what to Expect

So you have decided to ditch the wax and razors and benefit from the results of laser hair removal. Thus, you can expect to have smooth, healthy-looking legs and lots of time saved in your beauty maintenance routine. If you are ready to move forward, you must understand what you can expect after laser hair removal. Here is what you should know:

There Will be Redness and Swelling

Common side effects of laser hair removal include redness and swelling. You may initially feel like you have slight sunburn. But, you can use packs for managing inflammation. Your provider may also recommend topical steroid creams to ease discomfort and minimise any skin reactions you may get to the treatment.

You Cannot Expect Instant Optimal Results

Your hair follicles grow in various cycles. That is why you need several hair removal treatments to destroy the follicles if they are in active growth stage. Although you may see a difference after your first session, it often takes at least four sessions to see a significant reduction in hair growth. You must stay consistent with your appointments to achieve the results you desire.

Usually, treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks to accommodate the growth cycle of your hair. During your initial consultation, your provider will outline the number of treatments you can expect according to your hair texture and skin type during. If you visit, you will know what else to expect from your laser hair removal treatment.

Some Hair May Still Grow

Laser hair removal is quite effective at minimising the amount of unwanted body hair you have; however, lasers don’t affect hair follicles equally. Thus, there is no guarantee that each hair follicle will be destroyed. But, there results of the treatment are amazing. Any hair that grows will be sparse and fine and may not require shaving.

Waxing should not Be Done After Treatment

Since some hair follicles won’t be in the active growth phase during your treatment, new hairs can grow. When maintaining your skin between appointments, you can save but not wax or tweeze.

Do not Use Chemical Irritants

Your skin is quite sensitive after treatment, particularly for the first 48 hours. During this period, you must not use any type of lotion, deodorant, or perfume as it can cause burning and irritation. Your provider should recommend moisturising lotions and sunscreens that you can use for keeping your skin hydrated after the treatment.

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