Raheja Hospital: Launch app that helps the patient to communicate

S. L. Raheja Hospital a Fortis associate based in Mumbai, India Launched the vocalizer that help the patient who can barely move or talk.It is developed by one of the doctors of Raheja hospital Mahim: Dr P jagarnath an Oncosurgeon, This application is connected with the patient in the ICU to communicate with their caregivers and family members far more effectively. Clinicspots will help you to find best doctors available at the hospital.

Many patients have Endotracheal Tube which interferes with their ability to talk even though they are conscious. With help of “THE LOCALIZER” People can communicate with their Doctors, nurses and family members far more effectively. The vocalizer also helps many people who have undergone post surgeries.

Before the introduction of Vocalizer, Hospital used the traditional method of pre-written note that help the patient to communicate with their caretaker but sometimes it does not cater the urgent need of the patient. The traditional method of combination also creates the bridge gap between the caretaker and patient.

According to Dr P Jagganath, “Many patients in the ICU have an endotracheal tube that takes away their ability to speak even though they are conscious. In several cases, we see patients are not able to speak after surgery. The app offers visuals with voice-overs for as many as 60 possible situations in the ICU. This is an effort to enable better communication between the patients and their families as well as the staff in the ICU.”

According to Dr Sanjith Saseedharan, Head of ICU, Raheja Hospital, who worked alongside Dr P Jagganath to design the app, said “The Vocalizer is a major breakthrough for us, showcasing exemplary usage of technology that can help better healthcare services across the country – this is the start of medical advancement in communication. We are happy to have taken a progressive step towards facilitating better communication between the ICU patients and their caregiver’s &loved ones.”

The Vocalizer is additionally accessible for free download on both iOS and Android and has been produced by Tata Interactive Systems upheld by Crusade against Cancer Foundation, it included. UNI XR NV RSA SNU 1719. The Vocalizer is also available for free download on both the platform iOS and Android

Sunil first user of the vocalizer, suffering from such an intense attack that he couldn’t talk or walk. He was in the hospital for 75 days, out of which 45 days he was in the ICU with ventilator support. He could only move his fingers and eyes. With the help the App he could communicate with his parents and tell his caretaker about when he needs to change the side and when he is feeling cold.

A 15-year-old boy named Sagar was admitted to Raheja hospital.  He wanted to play on his mobile phone(without sim) but was unable to speak because of the evacuation of his cancer growth. With the help of the vocalizer app on his I-pad, he pinged to the nurse station, “I want to meet my mother.” When his mother was called in, he pinged again: “I need my mobile phone.” A few minutes later, he got a mobile phone without a SIM card to play.

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