Should You Buy Laser Caps For Hair Loss? Find Here!

Hair loss, regardless of the cause, is a serious problem for men and women alike. According to AHA data, more than 85% men suffer from the problem by the age of 50. Thankfully, a bunch of products and treatments are available, of which Low Laser Light Therapy is one. In this post, we will discuss how LLLT works and if you should consider buying a laser cap.

Basics of Low Laser Light Therapy

Low Laser Light Therapy, as the name suggests, uses lasers and LRF at set wavelengths with the purpose of targeting hair follicles and skin cells. With a laser cap, it is possible to deliver specific laser wavelengths to boost the metabolic rate of both follicles and skin cells. This further also helps in improving and stimulating blood flow in the scalp, which helps with hair growth. These laser caps rely on cold lasers, so there’s np discomfort that you would otherwise associate with different laser treatments. Even a few years back, devices and caps harnessing Low Laser Light Therapy were only available for clinics and doctors, but now you can buy one for your own home.

How effective are laser caps?

Low Laser Light Therapy is known to be effective and useful for male pattern hair loss and other causes. In all fairness, devices and caps that use LLLT are more effective for people who have mild to moderate hair loss. In any case, hair loss is supposed to be treated early to prevent further damage and loss. Laser caps are popular because these are non-invasive, safe, and don’t have any side effects. The focus is only the scalp, and experts may recommend Low Laser Light Therapy with other treatments, including medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride.

 Things to note

There are a bunch of websites that offer considerable information on laser caps, so check that and make sure you are buying a reliable, known and branded cap. Secondly, do not use LLLT, if you are taking any medications that affect the sensitivity of the skin. Your doctor is the best person to recommend and suggest on the matter. Make sure that you don’t look directly at the lasers, as it can affect your eyes.

With Low Laser Light Therapy and laser caps, you can actually avoid some of the expensive medications and related clinic sessions that cost thousands of dollars. This is like an investment and should last for years, especially if you go for a good product.

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