Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Most people do not realize that there are signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction. Because they do not know the alcohol addiction symptoms, they are not able to help their loved ones. However, if you do know the symptoms, you should also know that there is an alcoholic hotline that you can reach out to.

How The Help Hotline Can Help

Alcoholism is a problem. There are a few ways that you can get help without going to a facility. One way to get help for alcohol addiction is an alcoholic help hotline.  Keep in mind that you do not need to be in a disaster to call alcoholic hotlines. You can call for help daily or whenever you need to. If you have ever found yourself asking for help, you will likely benefit from calling the hotline. They are open 24 hours and there when you need them.

Alcoholic hotlines are there to provide a person with support and guidance through problems of abuse and in general. If the person calling is in a panic or feels like they are in a disaster, the hotline will tell how to find the right treatment and rehabilitation facility. Even if the person is just calling to keep from relapsing, the hotline can help keep a person on track.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

It’s essential to know the signs of addiction, whether you suffer from it or not. It can help you save yourself or loved ones. Someone may have an alcoholism if they:

· Drink more to get desired effects

· Drink to cope with problems

· Need alcohol to get through

· Rationalize their drinking

· Blackout or become forgetful from drinking

· Avoid activities because there is no alcohol

· Continue to drink despite any problems from the alcohol

· Experience symptoms of withdrawal when they do not drink

These are the signs that someone is an alcoholic. There are a few stages of alcoholism that you should be aware of as well.

Stages of Alcoholism

No one becomes addicted to alcohol overnight, and alcoholism is not contagious. Alcohol use disorder is when someone’s drinking is severe. It includes both alcohol dependence and abuse. This is a brain disease. The few stages of alcoholism include:

1. The compulsive use of alcoholic beverages

2. Loss of control when it comes to using alcoholic drinks

3. They are in a bad mood when they are not intoxicated or drinking

Alcoholism is not something to joke around with. Those who experience signs of alcohol addiction and alcohol addiction symptoms should reach out for help. They should call the alcoholic hotline to receive proper support and information about alcoholism. These help hotlines can come in handy whether a person is looking for immediate assistance or are looking for guidance on what to do next. Knowing the signs of alcohol addiction can save a life.

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