Switching to vaping – What are the health benefits that the user may reap?

The side-impacts of tobacco cigarettes are many as in they are directly related to deadly diseases like cancer and even to death. The NAS or National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has released a new report where they took a look at more than 800 studies on the effects of e-cigarettes on the health of the users. E-cigarettes are devices powered by a battery and they contain cartridges which are filled with e-juices. The e-juice comprise of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and other flavourings which can even include nicotine.

If you’re someone who is trying your best to quit smoking, you’re on the right track as e-cigarettes are touted to be the best tobacco alternatives that you can use for quitting smoking. But before you book your e-cig from online resources like, here are few health benefits that you should take into account.

Reason #1: Gives you a chance to ditch cigarettes

This has been the reason why one should switch to vaping e-cigs and ditch smoking. The reason why you can’t quit smoking is because of nicotine as that is the addictive element that doesn’t let you leave smoking. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand don’t contain this element unless you wish to include it in the form of additional flavours. They also don’t contain harmful chemicals which are there in cigarettes and hence you can exercise control on the levels of nicotine. Initially, you would start high and then gradually move down your way to be able to ditch cigarettes altogether.

Reason #2: Added improvements in your health

The smoke which is generated from the tobacco cigarettes usually works to reduce the blood circulation and this in turn damages your lungs. Due to this, you hurt the ability to breathe properly. As e-cigarettes don’t work by burning anything, this never happens. So, when you switch to vaping from smoking, you actually work through a path of recovery. You will be able to witness breathing improvements and you can also distance yourself from combustible cigarettes.

Reason #3: Improves your senses

Tobacco cigarettes not just hamper your sense of smell but also spoil your sense of taste as well. When you switch to vaping instead of smoking, you can get back all your senses. Though this can take some time but the change is pretty noticeable.

In case you’ve been vaping for a long time now, you can suffer for vaper’s tongue for 2-3 days where you may not be able to taste the flavours of the e-cig but this gets cured soon after. Hence, if you wish to reap these benefits, you should switch from cigarettes to vaping.

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