Testosterone: how, why and why not

Testosterone gives men healthy sperm and a deep voice, may affect brain size and could even help stave off Alzheimer’s, but what is it and what happens when you don’t have enough?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone – a chemical produced by the body – that plays a big role in sex drive, while also helping to build muscle and bone mass. A man normally producesroughly twenty times more testosterone than a woman, and the big testosterone factories for men are in the testicles.In women, it’s the ovaries and kidneys squirting this stuff out.

Testosterone influences whether you’re born male or female drives changes during puberty and enables the development of sperm in men.But hormones are tricky beasts, and researchers are not totally clear on how testosterone affects brain size, mood, aggression, and even dementia risk.

Do you make enough?

The normal level of testosterone fluctuates a lot during a person’s life and will usually decrease for men after the age of 50.A testosterone deficiency is usually the result ofa direct or indirect problem with the testicles.

If they malfunction they won’t make enough testosterone, but they also rely on signals from the brain to do their work, soproblems in the hypothalamus or pituitary gland, in particular, canmake them less efficient. The body can also develop resistance to testosterone.

Common causes of these problems include ageing, stress, poor lifestyle, testicular injury and the side-effects of medication.Some specific diseases also affect testosterone production and effectiveness.

Low testosterone

If you have low testosterone levels you may experience a range of symptoms, because testosterone is so influential.

The most common problems are fatigue, depression, irritability, decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction. There may also be severe long-term effects as well, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Low testosterone is a clearly a serious issue that can massively affect male performance not only in the libido side of things but also in your daily lives as you can find yourself to be far more drained than usual. There are multiple exercises and foods (insert exercises and foods) you can eat to help raise your testosterone. Testosterone treatment through T boosters is a lifesaver for some men with the ability to raise testosterone, improve muscle and skeletal mass and improve cognitive function through carefully selected ingredients. Plus, most of these supplements come with natural ingredients which have low risk and side effects.

Of course, to ensure that you get an effective supplement that is safe to consume you should always aim to research these supplements heavily before purchasing one, mainly to ensure that you don’t waste your money but also be sure that you’re safe. Also, if you feel one of these supplements is right for you but you are unsure it is safe due to other health issues or concerns you should definitely talk to a doctor who will be able to you explain what the supplement will do to you.

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