The Benefits of a Lightweight Wheelchair

The use of the wheelchair has been around since as early as the 6th century when one was carved from stone. The design that endured until today was made by John Dawson in Bath, England. It had two large wheels and a smaller one in the front. Improvements were made to this design by adding rubber push rims. By 1916 the first motorised wheelchair was being manufactured in London.

Why Wheelchair Suppliers Advocate Lightweight Models

Even before wheelchairs had taken on the form we recognise today they were made from strong but lightweight materials like wicker and wood. The most robust lightweight material used for wheelchairs now is aluminium. The reason for lightweight wheelchairs for sale being the most popular is due to the fact that they are easier to transport, more mobile, provide improved range of motion and are easy to store.


Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to transport. This is true for the person using the wheelchair and individuals who constantly need to load and unload the wheelchair in and out of a car. Most wheelchairs in modern times are collapsible, meaning they are that much easier to pick up and take or place them where they need to be. This includes up and down flights of stairs in wheelchair inaccessible places, which is the case more often than you might believe.

Improved Range of Motion

Because the weight of a wheelchair often determines where it will go and how quickly, by making it lighter it can do more. It allows patients to feel more in control of their movements by allowing the chair to move with them instead of the other way around.

Simple to Store

Thanks to the lightweight nature and strength of aluminium wheelchairs they can be made collapsible. This is a huge help when carrying a wheelchair up and downstairs as well as when loading it in and out of a car.

Just be sure to make use of quality wheelchair suppliers. It should be able to withstand almost anything. Visit our website to peruse the aluminium wheelchairs for sale. Contact us for any additional information.

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