The Legislation around Cannabis Testing

Drug tests have become more and more popular. This is so because lots of employers expect from their employees good effort and lots of focus. This is the only way that any job can be done right. Not all states have legalized marijuana. Those that have are usually in the USA. This means that anyone can buy weed and smoke it without getting caught. They can smoke pot in front of the cops and still don’t end up in jail. This doesn’t mean that all the countries that legalized weed are concerned with this problem. A lot of people smoke marijuana illegally. They buy pot illegally from a drug dealer and use it. Therefore, if you get caught using weed in a country that has laws against using this drug, the outcome will be much worse.

Moreover, you may wonder why some of the states legalized this drug? This is because marijuana is not a very dangerous drug. Sure, it can cause hallucinations, but it’s not as dangerous as cocaine and heroin. Of course, many states throughout the world disagree with this fact. Any drug that a person takes is bad for them. They can affect their judgment, focus, principals, morals, etc. That’s why some bosses are eager to incorporate as many drug tests as possible to avoid problems such as these in the future. No one wants to risk their business on account on drug intake. This is probably a very rational decision that an employer can make.

Is drug testing legal?

In some states yes, while in others not so much. As mentioned above those countries that legalized the drug use are much more cautious about their work ethic. They are allowed to do drug tests on their employees so that if someone is caught with THC in their system, they would probably get fired. Some bosses can even ask of you to do a drug test on your interview before you even get the job. This is something quite reasonable.  Click here for more.

Furthermore, employers can do drug testing on their applicants but not without following specific rules. One of the rules is that the boss must give you notice before doing random drug testing. This can be very good for those that do smoke to get clean to do the test. But for others that have nothing to hide, they can do take the test without worry. The tests have to be administered by a state-certified lab. They can’t just take you anywhere and make you do the test there. Everything must be by the law and regulations.

Furthermore, before you apply to some company, you will notice that they require of you to do annual drug testing. If you agree to their terms about the test, then you have no choice but to do that. Of course, you can always refuse to work there if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Can you refuse a drug test?

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