The phase of recovery and follow up after a heart valve surgery?

Before heading out to the best hospital for heart valve replacement in india you need to be aware on what to expect from the surgery. The normal phase of recovery means around 4 to 8 weeks and this is the case with minimal invasive surgery. At this initial phase you can expect to gain energy and then return back to your normal work. You need to educate yourself about the various symptoms of heart disease and recover in a fast manner as soon as possible.

How you are going to feel once the surgery is over?

You are expected to be sore and stiff once the surgery is over. Some pressure, pain or a burning sensation is experienced in your chest once you remove the chest tubes. Walking or sitting up at an initial phase may be a lot stressful. If additional small incisions are made you are going to have some pain in the neck or groin area. Once the surgery is over you are going to be lying down in the ICU. This is going to cause a degree of discomfort at your shoulder, back or legs. In fact you might be asked to take deep breaths or cough so that the fluid congestion goes away from your chest. Numbness may be experienced but this is going to diminish with the passage of time

What is the time frame when you are expected to be back on your feet after surgery?

In case of most patients they feel stronger after each and every day of the surgery. In case of patients who have opted for MIVS, they are able to walk a lot earlier in comparison to traditional open heart surgery. After a day of the surgery you might be asked to sit up and walk

What to eat?

Within a few days a diet will be suggested by the medical staffs that put a restriction on the amount of salt you need to consume. As MIVS patients are encouraged to return back to normal activities within a short span of time they can have light meals.

How exercise and diet can pep up the phase of recovery?

In the phase of recovery a healthy diet and exercise have an important role to play. In case if the doctor has asked to follow a particular diet then please stick to it. If no diet has been recommended a balanced and nutritious diet can reduce the fatigue levels and contribute to a faster healing and recovery process. For the health of your heart weight control also assumes importance. If excess weight is witnessed it increases the work rate of the heart and phase of recovery becomes slow.

What is the correct time frame to head home from the hospital?

After a week or so you can return home after the surgery. In comparison to traditional heart surgeries, minimal invasive surgery can return home faster.

What is to be done in terms of caring for an incision once you are heading home?

You need to keep the incision clean. Only water with regular soap will be used so that you end up cleaning the area of the incision. A wash cloth or use your hand. Do not go on to rub the incision unless the skin has completely healed.

After cleaning keep the incision area dry. Till the point of instruction do not apply anything on the area of the incision.

What can you resume work?

The doctor is going to guide you on when you can start work. Some patients take a longer period of time in responding to the recovery methods. This would also be dependent on the type of work you are into. Patients who have been part of a traditional heart surgery would need around 8 weeks to recover. Relax, moving at your own pace while increasing your work schedule will enhance the work schedule in a proper manner.

Is the doctor going to ask a change of medications?

The doctor is going to suggest a host of medications. You are going to be guided on the type of medications you need to take and which one of them you need to continue for the rest of your life. Once you return back from hospital do consume the medicines which the doctor has asked you to do so. Discuss with them the medicines you have gone on to take before surgery and do not stop them without discussing it with them. There are some over the counter medicines that would cause some issues with prescription medicines. In order to combat any issues in relation to side effects like cold or cough discuss with your doctor. The medications are given only to you as from each patient the medications may vary at a considerable level.

Would any form of cardiac rehabilitation be called for?

The doctor may ask you to opt for a cardiac rehabilitation procedure and a detailed exercise programme in improving the condition of the heart. You are going to learn about the conditions and the lifestyle changes you need to make so as to stop progression of heart diseases. Most of the insurance policies have it as part of their coverage.

What you can expect from the surgery would depend upon the procedure you did go on to have in the first place. Just discuss with your surgeon on what you can reasonably expect.

The primary doctor who recommended you for the surgery will undertake the follow up work. You have to schedule an appointment where you need to meet your doctor once in 5 to 7 weeks after the surgery. The doctor is going to guide you on how soon you would have to be present in terms of follow up care.

Once you have completely recovered from a heart valve surgery you might have to visit the surgeon once in a year. They are going to figure out on how the recovery has gone on to proceed till date.

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