The Safety Benefits of an Installed Stairlift

Having a stairlift installed in your home can improve the quality of your life by giving you the freedom to easily move between the upstairs and downstairs of your home. Here we look at what safety aspects you should consider when installing this piece of mobility equipment in your home.

Stairlifts are designed with comfort and stability in mind, often equipped with padded seats or footrests for added comfort, as well as adjustable seat belts for maximum safety. This means that users can remain secure during operation, reducing the risk of any potential falls while they use the stairs.

Alongside ensuring that those who need to use it feel secure, stairlifts have built-in security measures such as sensors on the track and at the bottom of the staircase which help to detect if anyone is on the steps below them and will immediately stop operating if it comes into contact with anything else as well as preventing it from travelling too fast down steep inclines.

Furthermore, manufacturers will often advise users to use any additional safety features available such as having call buttons installed both at the top and base of their staircase which could be used if they experience difficulties along the way or need assistance getting off the stairlift safely once they reach their destination.

When looking for a stairlift company in Northampton, remember to do your due diligence to ensure the stairlift meets all industry standards – so you know you’re getting a safe piece of hardware designed with user safety in mind.

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