The Steps to Rhinoplasty: Your Take on It

The photos on the Internet show what constitutes a nose after rhinoplasty, which is not the best look. And you can also appreciate the beautiful noses, completely healed – they come to such a state after a long wait. Consider the features of the rehabilitation period, the correct passage of which is the guarantor of the best condition of the nose.

Features of nose surgery

Possible complications after rhinoplasty if the operation is not very successful, it may later become clear that the infection has joined. There are nosebleeds, which are quite quickly eliminated. In some cases, developing a violation of the normal passage of air through the nasal passages. Potent anesthesia, necessarily used in operations, sometimes gives its complications. Instead of rehabilitation, sometimes repeated operations are prescribed. If perforation of the septum in the nose occurs, the passage of air through the nostrils each time will be accompanied by a noise or whistle. You can consult Dr. Carlos Wolf on this part.

One operation or several?

The human nose is extremely complex, so twenty percent of all interventions performed are not the only ones. Additional sessions are held for a further correction of tissue. How long does rehabilitation take? There are frequent cases when bruises subside within a week, and the swelling goes away. The first weeks are dangerous, since it is at this time that the likelihood of bleeding is high due to surgical injuries. A couple of weeks after the intervention, bandages are usually removed, tires are removed, and tampons are removed. The latter is a rather painful exercise and is often produced with the use of painkillers. On average, a month may have difficulty breathing, which is caused by normal swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose. Doctors explain that after the disappearance of this edema, breathing returns to normal.

Nose after rhinoplasty: requires special care Postoperative nose care No injuries Not only at first, but always, you need to carefully keep your nose, saving it from mechanical impact, and especially any shocks should be excluded. Moisturizing the nose from the inside it is usually recommended a couple of weeks of the rehabilitation period to apply a spray made on the basis of a harmless saline solution.

This will allow properly moisturizing the nasal passages and reducing the likelihood of developing infections. How to reduce swelling? For some time after the intervention, a noticeable swelling is visible, which extends not only to the nose itself, but also to the adjacent tissues, which swell and become covered with bruises. These lesions can reach the eyes or spread to any part of the face; in each case, the localization and duration of this edema of soft tissues varies greatly. To help patients put a cooling compress, it is also anesthetic. Initially, it is recommended to sleep on the highest pillows.

Body position healing the nose after rhinoplasty requires not just a significant elevation under the head during rest, but the complete elimination of a pose on the stomach. It is unacceptable to go to the side of the body; the ideal pose is on the back. Any tilts of the head should be excluded.

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