Things to Avoid Before and Between Your Laser Hair Removal Sessions

If you have opted for laser hair removal, there is no doubt that you want the best services. Otherwise, who will go for an expensive and uncomfortable hair removal procedure if it is not the best?

However, getting a qualified technician alone is not enough to give you that silky smooth skin that you want. There are things to consider right from preparation for your first session up to the last. And you don’t need to relax after your first session; you also have to keep your skin great between the sessions to achieve the best results.

To help you get the most out of the laser hair removal procedure, here are the things you should avoid before and between your sessions:

  • Long Hair

Avoid going for laser hair removal session with long hair. Remember laser targets the pigment located in your hair’s roots. Shaving your hair decreases the chances of burns. Since complete removal of hair might take quite some time, it is advisable to shave in between visits.

  • Touching the Treated Area

Avoid touching treated area with dirty hands. If your hands are dirty, they might transfer germs to the treated area. Since the treated area is sensitive, germs could cause an infection thus derailing the healing process.  So, always strive to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the treated area. This will aid the healing process.

  • Sun Exposure

You should avoid exposing yourself to the sun by all means within two weeks of any laser hair treatment sessions—whether it is the first visit or subsequent sessions. If exposed to sunlight, your skin might be sunburned or tanned and this might force you to reschedule your appointment. Likewise, if your skin is exposed to sun after treatment, it might get damaged since it will be sensitive.

  • Bleaching

Avoid all forms of bleaching for 2-4 weeks before your laser hair removal appointment.  If you bleach your hair, it alters the pigmentation and makes the hair difficult to target by laser.  2-4 weeks is enough time for the hair to grow to their natural color.

  • Moisturizing Your Skin

Your skin should be as natural as possible on the day of the treatment. Avoid moisturizing or applying any deodorant. Some deodorants leave residue which can deflect the laser thus reducing its effectiveness. This also applies for the first 24 hours after the session. Keep your skin clean and completely free of cosmetic products.

  • Tanning

Avoid sunless creams and sprays that might darken your skin giving you a fake tan. If your skin is tanned, you might be forced to wait for 2 weeks before you can get a laser hair removal treatment. This is to give your skin enough time to return to its normal color.

By following the above recommendations, you will not only get the most out of the procedure but you will also reduce the risk of experiencing potential side effects such as burns, discoloration, or mild skin irritation. Lastly, ensure that your technician is certified and has good laser equipment that has been proven to give high quality results.

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