Tips for Ensuring A Safe Cosmetic Procedure

If you’re thinking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure ensure that you have all of the accurate information and make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision before moving ahead with surgery. Read the following guide to ensure that you are well informed and stay safe.

Make your own decisions

You truly are the expert on your appearance and the concerns you may or may not have on any cosmetic surgery. The only assistance you really need from a surgeon when deciding if a particular surgery is right for you is if you’re a candidate and what surgery would be best suited for you. Always make sure that you receive unbiased information and learn all about the associated benefits and risks.

Be informed

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, you should be fully informed and understand the risks and limitations of the desired procedure.

Things to remember:

  • No procedure or cosmetic surgeon is completely risk-free no matter how experienced they are.
  • You may look completely different than how you thought you would – Results should never be guaranteed

Be comfortable

You should always feel comfortable with the surgeon and clinic you are considering and if you don’t feel 100% confident in them – look for a second opinion.

Research your cosmetic surgeon

Several practitioners claim to be experts, but the truth is that most are not even cosmetic surgeons! Look to governing bodies for any requirements to ensure that your surgeon is experienced, qualified and registered. Also, do some research and see if the surgeon you’re considering is listed on the Medical Board of Australia like Dr Zurek cosmetic surgery Sydney – if a surgeon is not listed then they aren’t legally licensed to administer surgical procedures and should be reported and completely avoided!

Timing is everything

Do your best to avoid undergoing any surgery if you have gone through a significant life crisis like losing a job, a relationship break-up, moving house or dealing with the death of a loved one etc… Your body will go through a massive amount of stress after your surgery thus, you need to be healthy both mentally and physically to ensure a safe recovery period.

Beware of ‘free’ consultations

These are typical features of several commercial scale clinics. If the cosmetic surgery is right for you, then you should never feel like you are locked into going ahead with any financial cancellation penalties going forward. Remember that nothing is free! A non-refundable deposit should ring alarm bells.

Talk to your GP

Your General Practitioner should always have your health and safety as their priority. Your doctor should advise you and refrain from being judgmental.

You can change your mind

Everything should be entirely to your satisfaction but if it isn’t, just remember you have the right to cancel at any time up until you go under anaesthesia before the surgery. The primary reason for your surgery is to make you feel better about yourself, and if this is compromised at all, do not proceed with the surgery. No experienced and skilled surgeon would penalise you for cancelling.

Don’t rush into anything

Having any surgery is a major commitment and is often life-altering. This is one decision to think long and hard about and take into account all associated risks: health, emotional and financial!

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