Tips for Travelling If You Have Plantar Fasciitis

When you get plantar fasciitis, your ligament in the arch is damaged and due to that reason you suffer heel pain. If you are travelling then you need to walk a lot, which will be really challenging for you. In majority of such cases the problem is temporary. However, if it prolongs for a very long time then it becomes a chronic case.

Following are few tips for you that were suggested by a well known podiatre faciite plantaire which will be very useful.

You must buy a good pair of shoes

Whether you have any foot problem or not, it is essential that you must always wear such shoes that are quite comfortable while you travel. Not only it will keep your feet healthy, but also prevent occurrence of plantar fasciitis or any other kind of foot problems.

A comfortable shoe does not mean that you must wear athletic shoes though it will certainly be a good option, but you should avoid buying cheaper shoes. Take couple of them so that you can change them time to time.

Three important things

If you are suspecting plantar fasciitis then remember to following three important things

  • Stretching
  • Ice
  • Ibuprofen

You must stretch several times in a day. As you get out of your bed, flex your legs and feet several times. Perform a number of stretching exercises with your legs and feet after you get up from your bed so that you get inertia.

Use a frozen water bottle or fill it with ice and roll the bottle under the foot for about 15 to 30 minutes every day and while doing so you may either watch TV or check your email.

You may also keep ibuprofen with you as it can also help in reducing swelling in your feet.

Avoid suggestions available on the internet

If you surf on the net, you will find plenty of suggestions and ultimately the aim of all these are to make you buy their product. You will not get any relief from such products. It will be just waste of your money.

Even after trying the above-mentioned remedies for several weeks, you do not get relief from pain then you must consult a doctor. They may suggest few additional treatments based on your condition, which will help you to get rid of this problem.

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