Understanding the Selection of Egg Donors for Assisted Reproduction

Assisted reproduction has helped many couples in getting pregnant, and with better medical facilities, things have certainly improved. For example, many clinics in Spain have been helping couples around the world with options like IVF, artificial insemination and more. One of the important steps in IVF is selection of egg donors, for which a stringent set of norms are followed. In this post, we will talk about the process how egg donors are selected and the choice of IVF with donor eggs.

The basics

Age is an important factor when it comes to selecting an egg donor. Most candidates selected for the process are usually between 18 and 35 years of age. They shouldn’t have no history of infectious diseases, must be in good mental and physical health. Family history of the donor is also considered. Once the initial consultation is done, the following steps are followed –

  • Complete blood analysis. Apart from the basic parameters and state of health, the karyotype is studied to find possible aspects that may require attention.
  • Gynaecological review is the next step, where the state of ovaries and reproductive system of the donor is considered and checked. Optimal condition is must to be a successful donor.

Knowing the law

Please note that in every country, laws related to assisted reproduction and eggs can differ. In Spain, for example, donors must not have any form of genetic, infectious and hereditary diseases. Also, the process is anonymous and altruistic, which means the donor of the eggs will remain unknown to the concerned couple/single parent. The donor of the eggs is not paid in Spain either, but can be compensated for any possible inconvenience, and thereby, this reduces the cost of the treatment considerably. If you are opting for IVF, the donor will be screened carefully and approved before being discussed things further.

Selecting a clinic

There are a bunch of clinics that offers assisted reproduction treatments, but consider the expertise, popularity and reputation of the shortlisted option. A clinic that’s well-known and offers all possible attention for the treatment is an ideal choice. You may want to take the first consultation over video conference calls, especially if you are away and want to just know the possible options.

Be open with your questions if you are considering IVF and make sure that the concerned clinic follows the laws and protocols for selecting an egg donor. Some clinics may offer assisted IVF for lesbian couples, as well. In case you or your female partner cannot donate eggs owing to restrictions, a donor can be selected for the procedure.

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