What are the Types of Missing Teeth and Their Treatment Options?

Tooth loss in children or adults caused by accidents must always be addressed by a prosthodontist from Montrose dentist as the tooth or teeth loss may cause other issues like:

  • It make the adjacent teeth loose
  • Gaps between teeth is where the food get stuck and may cause bacterial infection that may cause digestion issues
  • As the air passes through the gap, it also causes whistling noises and the speech changes as well.
  • The cheek may also look caved in
  • The teeth get sensitive with hot or cold food.

Causes of tooth loss

For adults:

  • Accidents: facial injuries may take place from sudden accidents like slipping, collisions, or sports accidents. Tooth breakage or loss is very common in facial injuries. Sometimes, you need to get rid of the broken tooth and get a dental bridge or an implant.
  • Gum disease: or gingivitis also leads to teeth loss and replacement is advised.
  • Poor oral hygiene: this causes gum infection and erosion. The ruined gum weakens the tooth which causes tooth loss.
  • Diabetes: this is a major cause of tooth loss
  • Smoking and consuming tobacco products: this cause tooth loss and is harmful for the body as well.

For kids:

  • Injury: the most common cause of tooth loss
  • Poor oral hygiene: they must be taught oral hygiene right after they turn two or else they will lose teeth sooner than enough
  • Chewing pencils: this is a sign of nervousness and can be detrimental to their teeth as their jaws and teeth are very sensitive.
  • Grinding teeth: a very common habit that can cause tooth loss.

Treatment options

  • Dental implants: these are surgical means to replace a lost tooth
  • Dental bridge: here the lost teeth is replaced by a bridge which can root for adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Dental crown: here a crown is fixed to the tooth for protecting and keeping the damage at bay. the crown shields and saves the tooth from more damage.
  • Dentures: these are a removable set of teeth which can be wore to replace the broken or defective teeth. Usually used by the elderly.


Never use teeth for removing any kind of lids, caps etc.

Never use teeth for cracking hard surfaces like nuts, ice cubes etc.

Never use teeth for cutting thread, tags or undoing knots.

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