What Are The Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries at Work?

Around 1 million Americans have lost some amount of vision due to an eye injury at work. And around 700,000 Americans or maybe more than that have got their eyes injured during work annually. But, fortunately, 90 percent of all the workplace eye injuries can be immensely prevented by using a proper safety eyewear. Read on for the ways on how to prevent an eye injury at work.

  1. Assessment

Inspect the plant operations carefully. Also, all the work areas, access routes, and equipment which are hazardous for the eyes. Research well on the eye accidents and injury reports. Ascertain operations and areas that present eye hazards.

  1. Testing

One of the causes of accidents is uncorrected vision problems. Go for a vision testing during routine employee physical exams.

  1. Participation

Organize a 100 percent compulsory program to support eye protection in all the operation areas of your plant. Organizing a broad programs helps in keeping the injuries at bay and it is convenient to enforce than one that limits eye protection to many departments, areas or job.

  1. Fitting

Have your workers don the protective eyewear that fits perfectly and is comfortable to the core. You can also search ‘eye specialists near me’ on the Internet to get your eyewear fitted by a professional. Provide each worker with a repair kit and make them responsible to be in charge of his or her own gear.

  1. Have an emergency plan ready

Organize first aid procedures to treat the eye energies. Have eyewash stations at ready, especially in the space where chemicals are used. Train your employees with the basic first aid and you can also train them further by preparing an emergency exit plan.

  1. Education

Conduct and organize your employees to create, keep up and highlight the need for wearing protective eyewear. Make an addition of eye safety to your regular employee training programs and to new employee orientation programs as well.

  1. Support

The key to successful eye safety program is the management support. Management can showcase their support for such programs by donning the protective eyewear at any place and at any time.

  1. Review

Review and update your accident prevention policies on a regular basis. Your primary objective should be no eye injuries or accidents.

  1. Put in in writing

Once the safety program has been successfully established, put it in writing. Keep a copy of the policy at work and in the areas where the employees often gather.

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